Preparing (Financial) Domain Valuation Before Sale

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  1. domaincor

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    Hello guys,

    To cut a long story short...

    when I was on a shopping spree I accidentally bought a finance/investment management related domain and right now I just find out that a new financial company was established with the same name I have previously registered this .com domain.

    It is a pure coincidence because this is not a generic domain name but a pure short, sweet and brandable name.

    After my latest discovery I am willing to sell this domain to the company owners because it doesn't make any sense for me to develop anything around this domain anymore. My marketing budget is way lower than theirs and besides that I don't want to make any troubles with lawyers, etc..

    So to set up the right selling price I was thinking to do some research and comparisons on how much did comparable companies paid for their domains and then put a price tag on it.

    I would like to know if I can somehow find out how much did apollo global management paid for and Till now I was just able to find out that they have purchased those domains around 2013 (waybackmachine) because before 2013 they had some long gibberish domains

    Waiting for some ideas/help

    Cheers !
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  2. gilescoley

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    Just so you know...

    "apollo global management" and "Apollo" are trademarked.
  3. myfavorite

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    Do more research on trademark and the related domain you have.

    If it will infringe on their trademark, better forget about contacting them and consider dropping or just forwarding it to a forsale lander page without any advertisement.
  4. domaincor

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    oh, okay thanks for useful info.

    In my case I am not afraid to have problems with the trademark infringement. The only thing it might be on the dangerous side is to develop this domain and start offering similar service, represent myself as their employee, manager, whatever, redirect people to another side, etc...

    Again, I would like to know if
    a.) is it good to do some comparisons of similar domains and then try to find out how much those companies have paid for them... or maybe I can just sold them for the same amount I have bough.

    and the most important question for me right now...

    b.) is it possible to see past deals i.e. I have mentioned ... is there a website where I can see for how much did companies paid for their domains ... the only thing I was able to find is a list of the most expensive domains which is not that useful in my case.

    Thanks !
  5. frank-germany

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  6. domaincor

    domaincor New Member

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    Yes, that's something I was looking for! Thank you Frank

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