Potential buyer responded to outbound mail. What's next?

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  1. LoneDeranger

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    Hi guys,

    First sale through outbound (if everything goes alright) in the amount of mid XXX$. Since I never sold that way what do I do next?
    Should I use Escrow? Paypal? Godaddy? I don't really know how should I proceed with that.

    Need your guidance.. Thank you!!
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  2. nvdomains

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    Only use Escrow and ask the buyer to bear the transaction costs.
  3. bazabizo

    bazabizo Top Member PRO VIP Gold Account

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    Exactly only use and makes sure you dont bear the transaction fees!
    This is the norm for the industry.
  4. loredan

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    Give the buyer as many options as possible and let him feel comfortable and safe when making payment. Some people outside domaining never heard about Escrow and they don't feel safe when dealing with new payment processors. Also some buyers might not feel ok when asked to pay any extra fees or commissions.

    I usually offer Paypal, Escrow and Sedo as payment options and in all cases I pay the fees (if you price your domain a bit higher during negotiations it shouldn't be any problem to cover the fees).

    When using Paypal I ask the buyer to let me know his Paypal email and I send him a Payment Request rather than just giving him my Paypal email. There where cases when buyers wanted to pay via PayPal on Ebay (they usually feel safe when it comes to Ebay) so I had to setup a Buy it Now sale via Ebay.

    I also use Sedo quite a bit, their escrow is quite fast and affordable.

    Hope this helps
  5. bytedo

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    Nothing else to add. All the best options have been mentioned. For a sale that size however I would use Paypal. Nice avatar btw.. Always loved big poppa.
  6. FusionSpy

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    I usually use - it's well respected and most of the buyers I had, have heard of it, so they didn't for a second doubt of the credibility . Note that using Sedo, GoDaddy bears tremendous escrow fees that I'm not comfortable to pay if I do all the work (don't mind paying the fee if the inquiry or sale comes from them tho). Good luck and I wish you'll seal the deal!
  7. DomainVP

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    I second this advice.

    I typically use PayPal and use a PayPal fee calculator to include the fees in the price. Then send an invoice to the person via eMail.

    Escrow any amount over than what you are comfortable with. Everyone has their various thresholds of pricing that they are 'okay' dealing with online, so that will be up to you.

    Congratulations on your first outbound sale.
  8. LoneDeranger

    LoneDeranger Established Member

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    Thank you guys for extraordinary comments.. Exactly what I needed.

    At this sale I'll use escrow since I already initiated a request. The fees are a bit high, but the buyer feels comfortable with it so i'll go with him. Worth to mention I did 50-50 on fees.

    @bytedo you have a great taste indeed ;)
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