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The Domain King aka Rick Schwartz has just launched a poll on twitter, asking the question...

We all have an opinion on the economy and where it might go in 2023. So let's see what the mood is here among a much more manicured and professional crowd. Either way, good luck to all in 2023 and make it a great year regardless!!
So IMO - I voted that its going to be a Toss Up 2023, I can see tough times coming but I can also see things changing possibly for the better in some industries, times are unknown and I would lean towards its going to be more challenging in 2023 than easy that's for sure, however whenever there is a downturn new investors appear and often give an opportunity for others to either sell assets or see the opportunities that become available too.…023-check-it-out/12019
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Thanks for sharing.

I think a good way to predict what 2023 will be like is to try to figure out answers to more specific questions. I will make a small list as an example.

In 2023:

Will the consumer keep adding debt or start paying things down?

Will the hiring in well paying jobs outpace the layoffs?

Will inflation cool significantly, stay about the same, or increase?

Will the war in Ukraine end? It sounds impossible that will won't, however, when it started who really thought it would go on for this long?

Will the stock market keep climbing back to it's pre covid levels? Will it stay within the current range? Will it turn into a big bull market?

Will the housing market in the US crash? Have another big run? Go back to pre covid values?

Will crypto stay within it's current range? Collapse? Enter a bull market? What about just the major coins vs the altcoins?

Will there be a conflict between China and Taiwan? What will be the impact of that?

Will more people decide to start their own business?

Will there be a trend of serious global social unrest?

Will nuclear weapons be used, and if yes, how?

Will there be a new virus outbreak that causes lockdowns?

Will there be a major discovery that will help lower prices for food or energy?

Will mother nature be kind or?
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