Podcast: Using Aged Domains, Flipping Websites

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    Niche Pursuits podcast / transcript
    Guest: Richard Patey
    Theme: buying aged domains, building and selling websites
    Listen (mp3) / Read Transcript (NichePursuits .com)

    .... Personally, I’ve come back to building sites from scratch on expiring domains. In particular, my favorite strategy now is acquiring existing blocks that have been abandoned. I’ve got a pretty good outreach process for doing that. I focus on software review sites.

    I recently picked up sites last summer for just $2000, but I have an incredible backlink profile with 50-100 backlinks that would probably cost at least a couple of hundred dollars to get, and I was able to pick that up for a couple of thousand dollars because it wasn’t making any revenue. Actually had 100 indexed pages as well.

    That’s my preferred strategy. I’m buying existing sites, their index that have traffic, that have a lot of potential, that are not being maximized. Also, I like playing around with expiring domains, also through and redirecting some expired domains as well and playing in that market. I don’t build from scratch, but I like to buy existing lower-priced domains and sites, and building on those now.

    Spencer: The primary reason for that is just to skip the building, the getting out of the sandbox phase. You have an asset immediately that has authority, has a lot of links already, and it can rank content much quicker, right?

    Richard: Yeah, that’s right. You really don’t need to add a lot of links if you buy the right domain that already has that authority. You can just focus on adding content.

    Listen (mp3) / Read Transcript (NichePursuits .com)
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    hey @Lox thanks for the mention :)

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