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  1. BarryR

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    Hi fellow domainers,

    I think we all have a great list of domains in our portfolio, but its obvious that we can not develop all of our domains. So we try to sell them...

    So for example: I have (I wish I do), but i do not have the time to develop it, and I dont want to sell it right now (because its not the right time, or whatever reason). Therefor I am looking for people who can come up with a nice and sweet idea to monetize this domain. They do the work of promoting, building it out, and I am the owner of the domain. And to agree on both parties, we set up a contract where the goals are being put on paper and the profit for both parties as well.

    I am wondering if its common to look for people who want to develop your domain, so the owner can profit from it.
    Did some of you did this before? or you think its a good/bad idea?
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  2. Domain Lead Finder

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    You would be basically asking them to work for free and take a risk on something that does not belong to them. It would have to be one hell of a domain name for people to even consider IMO
  3. BarryR

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    Well no not really, because you setup a contract, where both parties write down the rules of engagement.
    The developer can have for example 75% of the income, and 25% to the domain owner for example.
    I am just giving some numbers...
  4. infosec3

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    Your post assumes that we do not develop because we lack the tome or skills. However, I think it would be safe to say most domainers are not interested in developing their domains.
  5. accent

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    End users, seeing a domain is developed, will assume it is not for sale, and the developer will not want to sell.
  6. garptrader

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    With physical real estate this does happen. Rick Schwartz has even commented on being approached with such proposals for some of his domains - one-word .COMs with high search volume. Generally speaking this will not work for the typical domainer because we do not have that caliber of domain i.e for example. Also your typical developer wants to be make money off the development without spending a lot on the domain. They are more likely to go with so-so domains which are good enough. End users paying big $$$$$ for domains as brands are not as prevalent as the registries lead us to believe.

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