Ohio County Loses Tourism Site’s Domain Name to Indonesian Online Poker Room

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    After receiving several calls from concerned citizens of Lorain County, County Commissioner Lundy says he “became aware” that the website used to inform visitors of activities around the county, Visit Lorain County (the name of the Lorain County Tourism Bureau), was directing users to an unnamed Indonesian online poker site.

    After further investigation, Commissioner Lundy discovered that the domain used by the Lorain County government was allowed to expire and that the Indonesian poker site had legally swept in and picked up the domain for their usage. “I kind of feel like it is Marketing 101, or Management 101, that you want to make the smoothest transition possible,” Lundy is quoted by Martin as saying. “It’s a little bit embarrassing because, if you go to visit Lorain County, you’ll now find a poker site in Indonesia.”

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    Losers weepers finders keepers. Not really, but funny. Ty for sharing.
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    These things can happen if you lose site of your renewals. They only have themselves to blame. However, I feel sorry for them.
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    55,000 - 60,000 visitors a year that site was bringing in - that is a fairly big loss in potential revenue.....

    The new owners paid decent money for it...... $2,650 USD 2021-03-14 GoDaddy

    Pretty nice backlink profile - not sure how much of the traffic is going to convert though, I mean people get redirected to an Indonesian gambling site when they are looking for a U.S tourism site? Ummm......

    Domain Rating 33
    Backlinks 9,145 - 89% dofollow
    Referring Domains 475 - 77% dofollow

    One of the biggest referring links is still owned by the county - if they can't buy the domain back at least they could get those links removed, disavowed, no follow etc

    Lorain County, Ohio Official Government Site

    Referring domains 303
    Traffic 1,276

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