domain nyceats.org, nycreads.com, nyctravel.net, latravel.net, laeats.net, latalent.org | any good?

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Hey! I had just purchased the 6 domains above, and I was wondering if anyone had any idea how much these could truly be worth. I had used a few appraisal tools beforehand, and these domains range from mid $xxx to low $xxxx. Please give me your honest appraisals.

Thank you!
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I am new as well so my opinion is probably not as valuable as others with more experience. Having said that, I would definitely add capital letters to separate the names so they are clearly recognizable unless you are looking for an unbias opinion. In my personal opinion when I first saw the names the only ones that stuck out to me were "NYC Travel", and "LA Eats" the rest looked like gibberish.

I see a few possible use cases for all the names but the majority involve blogs... You could make passive income off them if you read How to Develop Domain Names for Profit thanks to @redemo take my appraisal with a grain of salt because I am new as well... but the only domain here I see worth any value is LAEats.net because it could be sold to a franchise but in that case I think .co might be worth more since "LAEats.com" is taken and has a buy it now for 50k.

Use Cases: Travel Blogs, Travel Agency, Food Blogs, Restaurant Franchise, Foodtruck Company, Food Reviews

Without using those domain appraisal tools any of these domains could be sold for Low to Mid XXX to the right buyer or more.

EDIT: The majority of the domain appraisal tools only give you a starting estimate and in many cases are too high or too low because it does not factor in the potential sell rate. I like NameWorth because it gives you multiple sell prices.

Tools I have tried:
Google Ads - Keyword Tool
GoDaddy Appraisal Tool
Wayback Machine

That is not all of them... but a good start I found all those with just a few hours reading a few beginner guides on here. Unfortunately, that was after I purchased my first few domains.
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My advice is:

As a beginner, make your hand at .COM domains before going into anything else.

Reason: .COMs are far easier sales. Also there is a ton of valuables around, even if in 3-fig range you can make some money.

.net is going down in latest years, and .org are good sales but only for a small range of very specific domains.

The sale ratio for these TLD's is way lower than others. Which means, your chances of overall making a profit are slim to none (in the red).

Could any of these domains sell? Maybe - hard to say - probably not; again the odds are against you because such names don't have much demand, due to TLD. Its not the valuation that kills you but rather the lack of demand for such names.

Anyway - good luck ! Oh and if you get any offer of say few hundreds, I'd take it. Since there are so few sales it's not recommended to pass any such offers even if an ideal customer might pay more.
All hard sells. Some good advice above