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    Appraise please.
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    Perhaps the OP could share your ideas on who could use this domain name?

    The obvious to me is some sort of guest/visiting scientist/expert program. Such programs exist, but normally through institutes, governments or educational institutions on their websites.

    Another possibility a science blog. There is one blogger, at least, operating on the term, and almost all the small number of results in a quotation mark search are related to her writing.

    Another possibility maybe some sort of science outreach children discover science in their neighbourhood in a guided way. But nomadic might be too uncommon a word for best on that.

    The fourth possibility is some sort of citizen scientist program, but they would far prefer that more common term, and might well prefer the .org to the .com.

    Have you thought of things beyond these possibilities?

    Nomad/nomadic is a term of growing interest, it is the coupling with scientist I am not sure of.
    Word+scientist domain names have sold many times, but is nomadic a strong combination word?

    I think there is some possibility of sale, but the pockets would not be deep for the uses I see above, and the fact they could hand register the exact same word in .net or .org, and arguably for some .org is a better match, will limit price possibilities. I would price it mid $$$ on a marketplace and if no interest after a year let it drop. Alternatively, price it low $$$$ and try outbound on scientific outreach, publication, science at home, etc. organizations.

    I hope you are successful, but reasonably don''t see high probability of sale. But of course any of us could be wrong!

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  3. AlexWell

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    Thanks for the detailed analysis Bob.


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