Newbies and new TLDs?

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  1. khaleef

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    Good day everyone.

    Would love to read your thoughts on this. Been reading on several forums on Domaining for newbies and how to learn to pick catchy and less character names.

    A friend/mentor told me, "dont bother bout the 3-4 characters, they are all taken" buy the .kings of the game. So in my thoughts, they were taken because they were early.

    Also I have started reading up on new TLDs which just emerge and is like to be the next thing in the internet journey. One of these TLDs I would pick is the .io according to a blog is fit for the Tech markets. I tried out some 3L abbreviate and found them available even all 2L domain on .io has already been taken.

    So my question;

    What's your thoughts on a newbie investing in such TLDs and the plan to keep till they are the new crase and cash out big on it?.
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    After all these years,
    I feel that COM is still in the first place
  3. khaleef

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    Yes, .com is king but do you mean it can't face out in the future years? Like all .com domains cant be taken and new business would be forced to look other ways?
  4. Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    I'm not sure about that,
    But I think COM is the first choice for any company to buy a domain name,
    Must be because you can't buy COM will choose other
  5. Reddstagg

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    Good afternoon,

    There are so many different variables which can affect the valuation and future sale price of any domain.

    In my view .io was originally related to tech domains as it can be related to input and output but it is actually a country code for British Indian Ocean Territory which in some markets can either be a good or a bad thing, again depending on many different factors.

    A question to ask yourself is whether country code domain name extensions sell better or worse than original tlds or indeed new tlds.

    I own as I think that it is quite a cool domain hack of a country code and imho the only one better would be

    However, I don't know too much about tech or indeed all of the country code extensions so I didn't go out and register every available dictionary word in this extension.

    In my own situation, I feel that if I have to ask a question about a name or a niche or an extension then maybe I would be better avoiding registering anything in the related subject until I have read and learned more about it.

    Obviously, this is just my opinion based upon my own experience and everybody is different.


  6. BaileyUK

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    Try not to forget New TLD's have been around for 7 years now. That's a long time to be waiting at the feeding table (and to be called NEW) if your one of those that even bought in at the very beginning. There's now around 2,000 (yes two thousand) extensions in this so called NEW top levels domains.

    It probably isn't a bad comparison to multiply your chance of a NTLD sale by at least 2,000 (to say a .com) and that's only if your pairing is something special. Watch out for those that use occasional sales to Promote ntlds

    dot io is Not a Newtld it is Country code domain but extensively used by start-ups. Resales are not great but popularity for those with a startup plan is there.

    Anybody that tells you there is still good opportunities for the 'untrained eye' in domains is misleading themselves and you.

    My advice to anybody starting out these-days, is by all-means go ahead and register 20 or 30 domains (don't buy them all in one go - take your time) . Remember your only renting the asset. See if you can sell any in your first year. Then go from there. The most your going to lose is about $350.

    If you think you've got a good eye for domains. Spend that $350 on just one or two domains (.coms only) at the closeout Auctions. Don't buy on impulse. Learn the auction ropes - then identify your targets

    If you've got $700 going spare, then why not try both methods - then keep your fingers crossed that you may see your money back. A double your Money return within that twelve months =$1400 tells me and you your on the right track.

    Lost it all (or most) = find another interest.

    Don't have at least $350 to $700 spare and to lose- take up a free hobby like walking or star gazing.

    A final thought - I personally don't gamble (Casinos, sports cards etc etc) but being part of this domaining thing can be interesting and a great learning exercise in online risk taking - for those new and risk efficient
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  7. Coindoji

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    Is this even a serious statement? Double your money in 12 months - you are good to go, if you can't - you are looser and find another business?

    If you make even +5% on top of your investment in the first year - then keep going, learning and improving, and stop listening to this BS about 'double your money in a year or bust' :android: If only it was that simple doubling money..
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