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As most of you know for the last five years I've attempted to carve out a niche portfolio with the likes of new TLD's like; .realty, .homes, .online and most recently .link (see thread titled "Throwing in the Towel".

Not being one to give up on anything and living in the largest resort city in the world I've decided to focus on the food services industry, and restaurants in particular. And this isn't to say I'm giving up on the 300 brandable name portfolio I've accumulated over the years.

This idea/revelation came to me while waiting to pick up my order @ (featured on the Food Networks Diners - Drive-Ins and Dives by Guy Fieri). When i saw their .biz TLD, i checked to see who might own the .com and and it happens to be for sale at DAN for $9,300. Then while waiting I thought I'd see if the domain was available to register, and damned if it was, so for $9.45 i registered it:xf.grin:

In the US alone there are over a million restaurants with well over 200,000 startups each year. Anyone else see this as a profitable niche assuming a comprehensive "outbound" marketing strategy is developed? Anyone own food/restaurant domains that need exposure? Suggestions, observations and recommendations are welcome. Thanks
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"New Niche Binge - Restaurant and Food Services" Thread title
it's called HoReCa :xf.wink:

Nothing new here only some people ( from USA , most :xf.wink: ) who discover now the niche . Nothing special

"HoReCa is a short for hotel / restaurant / catering and encompasses the whole food service industry. The term

HoReCa includes everything that happens at places like restaurants, cafés, clubs, pubs, hotels etc."

"Definition in the United States
In 2020, the United States Department of Labor Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) defines the hospitality industry more broadly, including:[2]

701 Hotels and Motels, including auto courts, bed and breakfast inns, cabins and cottages, casino hotels, hostels, hotels (except residential ones), inns furnishing food and lodging, motels, recreational hotels, resort hotels, seasonal hotels, ski lodges and resorts, tourist cabins and tourist courts
704 Organization Hotels and Lodging Houses, On a Membership Basis
58 Eating and Drinking Places (cf. U.S. "food service industry", U.K. "catering industry")
5812 Eating Places, including restaurants (among which carry-out restaurants, drive-in restaurants and fast food restaurants), automats, beaneries, box lunch stands, buffets, cafés, cafeterias, caterers, coffee shops, commissary restaurants a.k.a. canteens, concession stands, prepared food
" &....
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You certainly seem able to generate discussions that get lots of comments, @ThatNameGuy ! I think restaurants, in the broadest sense including fast food to chains to mobile outlets to fine dining, is a topic worthy of discussion,

There has already been mention of this, but I think that the pandemic has essentially altered the business. It seems around here at least that both high and low end outlets do a much higher percentage of their total business via delivery, and that might mean that the importance of a memorable domain name, and a good name overall, is more important.

The second thought I had, spurred by the comments made earlier about the low name budget many restaurants seem to have, was whether one way to view this niche might be not to hold a lot of name inventory, but rather someone set up a naming 'fee for service for small local businesses. For example, a restaurant startup pays $75 per hour (or something that order) for a couple of hours in which someone would brainstorm possible names in their price range, and briefly outline advantages of each. SquadHelp contests sort of do this with a larger pool of creative minds and ideas, and same price range, but they don't have the advantage of a local person the startup owner can speak to face to face. If I was x years younger, and looking for a job, I might give the idea a try. But I am not :oops:.

Thanks for starting the topic, and everyone who commented.


PS I mean to give a shoutout to @NickB for these great lists:
Bob....i've been thinking more and more about your post. It was way back in 1980 when a company I founded "Accounts Receivable Management Corporation" aka "ARMANCO" sought a name change via a local marketing company. I don't even remember why we sought the name change, but I remember distinctly; my partner, our marketing manager and I met with the marketing company on several occasions to brainstorm ideas for the new name. Each of us, to include the company we hired, submitted names, and ironically the consensus chose the name I submitted; AcSel. The company is still in business today, and the hell of it was we paid the marketing company $2,000 to help us come up with the name:xf.rolleyes:

Bob, your post described the naming process that took place with my company 43 years ago, five years before the very first internet domain, - March, 1985.

Later today I plan to register and to promote this idea to the food services and restaurant world. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and ideas(y)