New gTLDs - used in text, progress in voice recognition, and AI.

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    Do you think that new gTLDs look better in a written text, or do you personally prefer legacy suffixes after domain name strings?

    And what do you think is going to be role of new gTLDs when it comes to progress in voice recognition, and AI?


    To demonstrate the topic, I wrote poem for those, who are still kind of sceptical when it comes to new gTLDs.

    (All domains used in this poem belong to my portfolio).

    It's not an Early.News anymore that we now live in a new Blessed.World, where we can be in Beautiful.Company of new domain names (new gTLDs). You can easily buy them online in any new Gtlds.Store or TheOnline.Store. It is a Beginning.One of new internet era, where we are Enjoying.Life of unlimited domain and branding possibilities. Rich Virtual.Fund of new domain names brings us large Shopping.Gallery of options for our new online ventures.

    You do not need to eat Weed.Pizza in Royale.Casino these days to understand that new gTLD names are simply Improving.World of internet. Some sceptics say thay new domain will lead as to Zombie.Zone, while I believe that they enable Pleasant.World of choice for growing no. of internet users. While few sceptics here still say that only Idiot.One would invest in them, it is my Highest.Faith, for which I do not need to watch a Morning.Host in a Weekly.Show, that new gTLD names, because of their semantic qualities, will enjoy Immortal.Life on internet (at least until relevancy of domain names is gone ).

    New gTLD names are shortest possible strings of semantic meaning, I guess one does not need to be in an intellectual Stars.Team to understand that! Let's say you do realty rentals, renting that Dream.Property to your clients - you can now get exact match domain name like Realty.Rentals !!! How amazing is that: I believe this is going to make your internet presence much Stronger.One! In past, we always had to have some suffix after your keywords (.com, .biz, .de, .biz, etc), which limited us from geographic point of view. But not anymore...we live in Paradise.World of choice right now.

    New gTLD sceptics - please consider this: do not live Unhappy.Life which comes when we ignore the change, and instead opt for a Prosperous.Life of understanding that change simply happens. Such life will probably be a Longer.One as well, especially when you are Being.Gold in your thoughts and manners, while Bringing.Love to others.

    With Altruistic.Love (And for some also: Act.Best),
    (poem by: lolwarrior, all rights reserved, lol)​
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    Lolwarrior... that's a lot of very cool and interesting new gtlds you used....well written and very entertaining!
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    Thanks Eric...just wanted to demonstrate how cool new gTLDs are, as you basically own some expressions in English language...and you can not really write such text with domains with suffixes, like .biz, for example :)

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