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I have created a website that helps finding unregistered two word dot com domains – EffectiveDomain.com. I guess this tool is of limited use to domainers as most (if not all) high-value two-word combos are taken, nevertheless, I would love to hear your thoughts.

1) Could this tool be of use to people who want to scrape the barrel of unregistered dot coms? How does it compare to “Lean Domain Search” and other domain name generators you might have used? Is it good/different enough to be a helpful alternative?

2) What do you think about the user interface? Is it easy to understand how things (especially lists) work or should I look for ways to simplify?

3) Any changes, improvements, bugs?

Thank you, your help is much appreciated!


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"most (if not all) high-value two-word combos are taken"

Depends on how you describe value, but in terms of making profit, I highly disagree with this. There is still a high possibility of making good profit with two word domains, maybe not thousands of dollars, but easily a hundred or two.

I hand-regged SellDomains.io a couple months ago, regged SleetStorm/com (BB/SH Approved) less than a year ago. MonetizeForums.com.net and .org less than a year ago.

I regged LearnBotany, StudyWildlife, StudyAlgorithm(s) in .com all this past year, too.

There's plenty of options out there! Someone like me (new domainer) is really going to appreciate a tool like this!

Thank you for making it and sharing it with our community, I'm going to check it out now!
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