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NetSol Mad At Me

Located in Domain Registrar Reviews started by Lewstar, May 16, 2019.


  1. Lewstar

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    After a 12-year-sabbatical, l resumed domaining about 8 months ago. Knowing very little about a complex subject, l begin buying domain names at Network Solutions, for a dollar; l didn’t realize that renewing the domains would cost me $17 per year thereafter.

    Now 8 months after buying my first domain names, NetSol is threatening me with deactivation among other horrors because it’s trying to auto-renew the several domain names l bought but can’t because l changed my debit card number sometime back, and it can’t renew these domain names—almost four months before the first year of ownership is up (late August).

    I’m not at all sure l want to renew these names at $17 a pop and was most-likely not going to renew—but now that NS is harassing me (in my opinion), l’m pretty-sure l don’t want to renew most of the domain names l bought.

    However, l can’t find any place on the NS web site to not auto-renew—and this registrar says l have to call them (more than three months before my first year’s ownership is up) if l don’t want to renew my domains. Other registrars l’ve used since using NS make it much easier to renew or not renew.

    Am l in anyway guilty and subject to to penalty if NetSol tries to auto renew my domains prematurely and is unable to? Thanking you in advance....
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  2. Jay Ha

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    WHOA! They're trying to auto-renew 4 months prior to expiration. This service continues to find ways to baffle me. Lesson is: turn off auto renewal on all of your domains at NS. Surprisingly, you can do this in bulk with click of a button.

    I myself had a couple domains still on auto renew because I can't be bothered to sign in and change the status but all is fixed now. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Lewstar

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    Thanks to you, too, for clueing me in to the fact l can do the “no thanks” in one fell, non-vocal swoop—rather than call the company....

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