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Negatives making domain resale market activity decline

Located in General Domain Discussion started by namemarket, Oct 4, 2018.


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    Except for a few categories the resale market has been significantly declining for 2 or 3 years, imo. There are several reasons for it especially Google doing things to negatively impact typein traffic, keywords and other ways, which issues I won't go into at this time.

    To make things worse when your possible buyer goes to Godaddy and others to check on a domain they are told it's taken but we have alternatives and there's a long list of unregistered or lower priced names for sale in 100s of new extensions.

    I have lost several buyers due to that which I am painfully aware of, plus countless other inquires lost which I am not aware of. So once a buyer sees keyword1keyword.2 com and keyword1keyword2.org are taken and may be for sale, as they often are, he's not inclined to make an offer or buy when he can get so many other tld's for reg fee or a much lower price.
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    I think the reseller market needed to cool down to stabilize the industry as a whole, the 4L.com CHIP frenzy, the industry getting extremely saturated with domainers who’s only agenda was to buy and resell, It grew to fast, the growrh was so rapid that it was actually affecting all niches of the industry, it was out of control, that is what took domain parking, Adsense and ad publishing out, Fraud, not always by the owner of the websites, sites were getting click bombed by visitors to the site, thus causing the consumer to get ripped off and the trickle down effect began, people where losing their ad publisher privledges. End users were inquiring about domain names, but the owners of the names were requesting outrageous, totally ridiculous pricing for their names, so the end users turned their backs and simply registered phrase names and three word names and ect. Now, we have to Waller in the after effects of the above, and the above is the tip of the iceberg, don’t get me started on the saturation of website designers , so called SEO experts and ect, the assholes that spam the sh*t out me daily and run the battery down on my cell phone daily. If I want a service I will seek it out, I don’t need anyone to call, email or PM me about if I want to buy their domain name or want a website built or SEO done to it, People will seek them out if the want to acquire these services, I have no idea why these people don’t get it, this is the exact reason I have never once pursued doing an outbound sale.The reason this post is all one sentence is because I am posting this on my cell phone, and I am at work, an old feller is just now getting used to be on NamePros via cell phone.
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    The good domains still sell well.

    The flash in the pan domainers will weed themselves out.

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