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Hi everyone,
This is the first time I won an auction domain on Namejet
But Namejet hasn't charged my Payoneer account yet
Payoneer showing: Upcoming transaction, Status: Pending, WEB*NAMEJET has placed a temporary hold for the indicated amount. Your card will be charged once the transaction is settled.
I also received the following confirmation email:

Dear NameJet Customer
Congratulations you successfully purchased a domain.
The next step is for NameJet to add the name to the appropriate account for you to manage at the sponsoring registrar. This can take up to 7 days (slightly longer if the domain is a private sale and a transfer is in process). You will receive an email from the sponsoring registrar with login and account information at that time.
Below you will find a summary of the domains ordered for your NameJet account:

Type Amount Description / Status
Domain Name Sale
Online Admin Fee

Thank you for using our domain name aftermarket services.

I have been a verified bidder on Namejet and my card has enough funds, the information on the card is matched with the registration information, If my card is not charged in the next 7 days, I will lose my domain and my account will be locked. have anyone experienced this problem, can you please help!
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It doesn’t say it takes 7 days to charge your account it says 7 plus days to RECEIVE name.

Just relax its the weekend charge will complete in next couple business days.
Thank you so much!, as you said, my card was paid on monday