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    I want to launch a coupon website, i searched for a domain name and i found c/o/u/p/o/n/ in namejet, i bid on domain name, i am the only bidder, i won auction and they charged me using my credit card.

    and they send me this message:

    Dear NameJet Customer:

    Congratulations you successfully won a domain auction.

    The next step is for NameJet to add the name to the appropriate account for you to manage at the sponsoring registrar. This can take up to 7 days (slightly longer if the domain is a private sale and a transfer is in process). You will receive an email from the sponsoring registrar with login and account information at that time.

    They suddenly refund me and send me this message:

    Dear NameJet Customer:

    Please be advised we were unable to validate your account information for your account (Login ID: social2it). As a result, we have temporarily disabled your account, issued credit on the following domain and will place the domain into a public auction.

    After that i sent them my passport + my credit card statement + my national id for verification and there is no reply to ticket for 2 weeks, they replied by separate email:


    Unfortunately your NameJet account has been disabled, therefore orders cannot be placed through us.

    Thank you,

    SnapNames Support

    is there any one know the reason, also is there any person here represent them?
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