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How long does unlocking a domain take at NS: 1 minute or more,
click on unlock, wait until the next page loads, and click submit,
and wait wait wait,.. maybe someday it will be unlocked.
This is just 1 byte of data change, why waste so much time.

How much time does getting authcode take:
1 hour.
They don't show authcode.
click send email.
wait for the next page (takes time).
approve send email. wait again.
check your email.
it is not there.
still not there, not in spam either.
they just didn't send it.
try again and again and again.
contact customer service.
they say , in that case use CSV.
try to download CSV.
Computer freezes.
Turn computer off by FORCE (push on/off button for 10 seconds).
Try again by turning JS off.
It doesn't work.
turn JS on, click on CSV,
but immediately disconnect.
maybe before they can run their freezeware you can download it.
yes, by accident you can be successful, but make sure you close NS window before
reconnecting internet.
Then try to transfer domain, try various text editors, none of them is great.
Need to use at least two.
You may copy-paste authcode but it may just not work,
and you will wonder whether it is about NS, or your office program/text editor.
if you are lucky you can start transfer out after 1 hour.

We understand they hate transfer out.
But we hate transfer blocking as well.
Namesilo was my number 1 choice 3 years ago.
Now it is not in top 3.
Only in one sense it is still number 1: dns templates.

Initially their homepage was great. they redisgned it and made it awful.
search for a domain,.. somewhere in the crowd maybe you can find a text saying
"try to buy".
But not just design, but also their scripts became very bad.
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These are not questions.. Namesilo is cheap sometimes. Has lots of tools. Mostly good, but transfer out is extremely time consuming for no reason. Transfering domains in/out is one of the main functions a registrar a domainer cares about... There can be bugs,.. but in this case sounds like these blockages are intentional.
If they make renewals cheaper, I would/could keep domains there, but if renewals is 1,5 USD expensive per domain, I would prefer to move out. And who knows, I may come back when they have a good transfer deal.
Trying to prevent transfer out by making it time consuming, and annoying is not a good strategy.
today i tried to renew few domains from my namesilo account and i got an error that i never saw on 10 years that i'm with them.
I contacted the support and they replied in few minutes.
they told me they found the issue and they would have fixed in few hours..
i tried few minutes later and all was solved.

i never got issue getting auth codes from namesilo and that's why i keep using them.
have you tried to do that later?or still the same speed?


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If you request authcode (by email), probably they will send it for a few domains, not for the rest. You need to wait (for hours?)..and try again, and maybe it will work. ( Previously Enom was doing the same, not sending autcodes.)
Once you download csv, that part is almost solved, but then it takes more time to copy-paste authcode for each domain. If you are good at using csv, it may be easier for you...but as i said above, even downloading csv is a problem, because computer freezes.
I'm critisizing NS for things related to transfer out (only), each step is made problematic.
But in other aspects it is mostly good.
I'm not emotionally attached to any registrar.
I can move domains from my top favorite to 3rd favorite.
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