NamesCon Europe 2018 - The Domain Vlog

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    When attending a conference, I think it's important to go with an open mind. Everyone has something to learn (including the most seasoned domainers)...

    My perception of new gTLD’s has evolved over the last couple of days.... Although I’m not necessarily convinced on using them as you’re main brand, I can certainly see extreme value in using them as a “sub” brand. They’ve proven to rank very well and are extremely valuable for lead generation once developed and optimized for search engines.... {MORE}
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    Great vlog Josh!

    These type of events like NamesCon is great for our community. I'm glad you made it to the conference and shared your thoughts about it. It is good to know what topics are discussed in the conference. Most of us do not have the chance or time to attend these kind of events and you are travelling all away from U.S to Europe, keeping us updated. I respect that! Hope the jet lag is over and enjoy your time in Valencia.
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  3. lolwarrior

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    I enjoyed the blog as well. Very nice to hear that ranking potential of some powerful new gTLD combos was discussed with person who understands it very well - we are imo living in extremely interesting times when it is still possible to get some of the best internet addresses almost for peanuts. Although it is not going to last long as this knowledge spreads pretty quickly, one can still get huge potential advantage comparing to most of general public, when learning those things in detail from a qualified source :)

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