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  1. alcy

    alcy Active Member VIP

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    I find there are some issues with extra discussions on the NP SALES THREAD... which often go offtopic etc (we all do it sometimes I guess so this isn't a criticsm).. so I decided to try and create a database via a spreadsheet for completed sales by np members. because I know for myself and many others, keeping up to date on what sells whether on namebio or by other np members, is very important and helps in our own domaining process.. trends... patterns.. etc.. not to mention it can also be encouraging during the slower periods :)

    the sales thread on np is great.. one of the best here.. but it often creates extra posts and talks.. which mods made clear are not all completely disallowed, because the first post of that thread does not specifically disallow them.

    plz note I am no coder, so this is just a quick way to add sold names for others to see... minus any additional discussions etc.. just a super quick one per line way to view sold names by np members. I guess a bit like namebio, but by np members only.

    this is just a simple google spreadsheet.. I apologize in advance if any issues arise.. I'll do my best to fix them as best as this method allows me to.

    this is by no means meant to replace the current sales thread.. but hopefully it can showcase the sales people would normally post there... but in a quick view one per line format

    rules for posting there are simple:

    1- all columns marked in red are required. rest is optional but the more you fill in the better.
    2- no need to encrypt your names as spredsheets are not indxed in google. so plz do not encrypt them as it'll help potential sorting of sheet .. and just easier on the eyes if not encrypted.
    3- please ONLY post names YOU sold.

    I hope you enjoy this project. meanwhile, this thread here is meant as discussoin for anything related to this project.. comments etc.. thanks.

    obviously if this remains unused and not popular then I guess the project will just close down and die out :)

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  2. Primary Names

    Primary Names ****** xXx ****** VIP

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    I like the idea. Especially the crowd-sourcing part.
    I think the most useful feature we can get out of this is sortability. Example - One click and I get all the sales in the extension of my choice.

    I believe a while ago @Josh R started a similar project but was more of a manual scan of NP sale threads, not sure if it still on. This can go bigger due to crowd-sourcing.

    Suggestion -
    1. Please increase the height of data cells. Looks a bit cluttery right now with content too close to each other.
    2. Make the extension mandatory. So that data could be sorted based on extensions.
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  3. vravis9

    vravis9 Established Member

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    @alcy good initiative...

    I like it because we can see all in one place...
    Little doubt is whether members will be interested in sharing sales details...

    Few suggestions (you can say dumb questions)

    • can it be made like NameBio daily lists but with additional functionality of sort/filter with each column...
    The NameBio lists are easy to see and understand...
    • Is there any chance of making it available here itself instead of going to the link every time... I think it's not possible... just asking.

  4. xynames

    xynames PRO VIP

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    How about some after market data on whether the names people buy here are later sold for more or even later sold for anything at all. The majority of names that are actually sold here (versus merely offered and not sold) that I’ve observed, are pretty low quality.
  5. MS-Domains

    MS-Domains Established Member

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    Especially , to add to the above.

    Would be nice to know if the obsession over those is turning out to be fruitful for anyone.
  6. alcy

    alcy Active Member VIP

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    yes true.. the sorting ability is big plus

    I did make tld compulsory

    im no pro of google sheets.. but cell size doesn't seem changable... just see it as spreadsheet which it is.. then it'll probably seem less cluttered ;)
  7. alcy

    alcy Active Member VIP

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    its a spredsheet... so it cant look lke namebio. it needs to look like spreadsheet cause it is one ;)

    plus I obviously felt (and many do too) namebio was missing stuff.. so this was chance to add extra columns

    its basically meant to look like np sales thread (info wise) but one per line and no extra talks inbetween ;)

    again, cause its a google spreadsheet, It's by link only :)

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  8. alcy

    alcy Active Member VIP

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    google spreadsheet has many functionalities I am not expert on

    I think in time if this project picks up and people use it.. there can be ways included to count characters of domain.. etc.. thus making sorts by length (3l 4l etc) possible.

    as it stands google sheets already has very good sortingn capabilities by 1st column 2nd etc. already incorporated. imaging coding all that from scratch lol

    or just simple stuff like I can make auto formulas for filling in profit based on fee% and gross sale etc.. the tld can be auto extracted too

    google sheets are pretty powerful.
  9. golan

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    Great initiative, thank you!

    Just one observation...

    Just a humble word from SEO with 11 years experience...

    Google certainly DOES index everything it owns and holds. Just like your gmail. Maybe the data from sheets and emails don't come to public outputs and is stored only internally, but - who knows? Maybe some change in their algos one day, or just a leak, or whatever...

    That's why no SEO in his sane mind ever uses Google docs. I know some SEO's that won't ever open your email if it comes from gmail. So we use other free spreadsheets instead, like Microsoft or for example.
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  10. alcy

    alcy Active Member VIP

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    yes... but typically for sales.. people just don't want them show up on google search.. besides this sheet is fully editable if ever needed... unlike np sold posts which are here to stay "forever" they are.
  11. J Sokol

    J Sokol Established Member

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    Great idea, @alcy! You're right that it's hard to get a good overall picture of completed sales from the NP sales thread, with each one being listed in a separate post.
    Thanks for starting this.

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