NamePros Auctions - Can Seller get offer and make instant BIN and close thread?

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    Im a long time namepros member, but new to these auctions which seem very popular.

    Recently i was bidding on a name, and also following the thread to see other bids, and i thought to see when the BIN chnaged.

    So the name was all of a sudden sold, seller accepted a offer via PM.

    So its seems like i need to offer on all names just to be sure that the auctions dont end early?

    Also i didnt get my normal notice of message in the thread, could that have been because thread close within 10 second of BIN being posted, or can people still use the old school method of editing existing message to avoid any notices going out to followers?

    Page Howe
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  2. Page Howe

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    so im leanring more and more, the seller has helped with a hint..

    if you click to follow a thread, you dont receive more than 1 email about a new message.

    hey mods or longtime users, is this true?

    Members only receive notifications of new replies once. So for example if you checked the thread on Sunday, you likely received a notification when there was a new bid that day. If you haven't checked the thread since then, you would not receive any further notifications of new replies until you visit the thread again (and therefore "clear" the outstanding notification from the thread.)

    wow , so i can follow a thread but just for one message?

  3. Echo Mod Team

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    here's the official rules that apply to BIN's:
    That does sound like how the automated notification system works. One alert until you visit the thread and then a new one after that.

    Keep in mind, if the system was to send an alert for every new post when you don't visit the thread, your alerts and email inbox would fill up rather fast. To prevent that from happening and members becoming frustrated with 100+ email alerts per day of new posts, the system automates the process to limit how many notifications are sent.

    Technically, it should only take one alert/email notice for a bidder to visit the listing to see what's happening with the domain they wanted to win.

    Could you give an example of how it would be more beneficial (Without becoming annoying to the subscriber) to receive an alert for every bid, even when not visiting a thread/listing?
  4. Page Howe

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    ok, on the watchinga thread, i think if i sign up to watch a thread, i am assuming ill receive a large group of messages, i think on threads i watch, like buying names etc, i see every post - but maybe i dont.

    i say annoy me with lots of messages, as opposed to have me miss posts.

    im open to what others think.

  5. Bravo Mod Team

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    Sellers are not allowed to accept offers in direct messages for public auctions, but they are allowed to discuss a Buy-It-Now (BIN) price that the buyer is willing to accept, and then the seller must post that BIN price publicly in the auction for everyone to have an opportunity to accept. The first buyer to publicly accept it after it is posted wins.

    Editing of an existing post to bypass the notification is also not allowed. It must be a new post to the auction so that everyone has the same opportunity to claim it.

    The type of notification system that you've described tends to make the most sense for auctions, right?

    The current notification system tends to be better for discussion threads because if you ignore the alert about a new post in a thread, it's often an indication that you're currently not as interested in that topic anymore. Ideally, you would visit the thread and Unwatch it when you're no longer interested, but that typically doesn't happen, so the default notification system helps accomplish that conveniently: if you're interested in a thread and visit the alert about it, you'll be notified about the next. Otherwise, you'll stop receiving alerts about it until you visit it again. Learn more.

    With that in mind, it would make sense for NamePros to add a feature that allows members to select more aggressive alerting for certain threads, such as auctions and other sales listings.

    We've let the developers know that we'd like to see this feature added. :)

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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