Name.com Direct Contact Info?

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I am having quite a predicament with Name.com right now and looking if anyone has a contact outside of their support. I am going 3 weeks now in trying to get an issue resolved and spinning wheels in place at this point.

Does anyone here have any contact information? Can’t get back into account and I think I stupidly may have misspelled the email on account (again: still have no idea how, account is since 2009) and can’t break standard responses from support.

Just looking to directly speak with someone on getting my issue resolved and have no idea how. Tried to send an IG message and various other channels and getting extremely frustrated.
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Sorry to hear of your stressful situation. I don't know anyone personally, but they do have 3 contacts listed as official representatives here in NamePros. Not sure how active they are, probably @name.com is best to start with. https://www.namepros.com/members/?key=representatives

Hope it gets resolved soon for you.

Appreciate it — unfortunately it seems all the accounts have been inactive for some time.