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Hey everyone,

If you are in need of high-quality, niched traffic, at fair prices or if you are looking to monetize your website, you can count on Mondiad! We are an ad network, specialized in Push & Native ads, with 10 years of industry experience and unique market perks.

  • Adult & Mainstream Traffic
  • Global Coverage - 3.5B Daily Impressions - 5 M Daily Clicks
  • CPM, CPC Pricing
  • Self-Served Platform
  • Fast Approvals & 24/7 Support
  • Multiple Payment/Payout Processors: PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Capitalist, Cryptocurrencies, Wire, and others, on-demand.
  • Referral System: Bring your friends and earn 5% from each advertiser`s spent or publisher's earnings.

+ Advertiser perks:

  • Advanced Targeting Options: Target the exact audience by country, carrier, device, OS, OS version, browser, language, traffic type, ad format, etc.
  • Powerful API: Use Mondiad`s proprietary API to export reports or to fully automate your media buying.
  • Traffic Fraud Detection: We monitor, detect and remove fraud of any type, by using both internal and third-party tools.
  • Conversion Tracker: Track your conversions easily, directly in your Mondiad reports, and optimize your campaigns.
  • Smart Optimization Rules: Use this performance tool to optimize your ad campaigns, based on custom rules created by you.
  • Multiple Optimization Tools: Blacklist/Whitelist targeting based on ZoneID and/or SubID and Global Blacklist system.
  • Custom bid for ZoneID, SubID, Country: Granular bidding for specific zones.
  • Track campaign performance with our built-in Event Tracker.

+ Publisher perks:

  • Real-Time Reporting System: Detailed stats are available in real time with a variety of filters and groupings.
  • Customizable Ad Zones: Configure your ad placement according to your website`s layout, for best results.
  • Daily Payments: Withdraw your earnings on request and receive your payout in an average of 24-48 hours.
  • 10$ minimum withdrawal
Join us today - It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up and start your journey! ✨

Chat with us to learn how to level up your business with Mondiad either here, in this thread or directly with our support team through our website contact form, Telegram, Skype, or Whatsapp!
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Hey, everyone!

Do you want to be our match this Valentine's? 🌹✨
We’re counting down to the most romantic holiday of the year so here's your heads up to prepare ahead your LOVEly ad campaigns!

We recommend you focus on E-commerce, Dating and Nutra verticals and target English-speaking countries like US, UK, AU, NZ - DE, FR, IT (Europe) - MX, BR, AR (LATAM) - TW, IN, CN (Asia).

Oh, and one more thing!
🎁 From us to you, until Feb 14, use promo code "VDAY10" to top up your Mondiad account and get a 10% bonus on your deposit of a minimum of $100 (max bonus value 100 USD).

For anything, don't shy away and reach out to us!
Hey, everyone!
It’s been a while since our last update so here is a brief update on what’s new.

- Mondiad banners for your referral system promo materials
- Referral earnings withdrawals

Advertiser updates:
- Mondiad x ad tracker Skro integration
- Mondiad x Voluum API integration guide update

Publisher updates:
- Recurrent automatic payments
- How to integrate your Mondiad ad code into your website (according to each ad format)
- New ad format for monetization: banners!

-> Check out the full details on our blog!

See you around! 👋

Publishers wanted!
🎁 All new Mondiad publishers will have a 100% revenue share for the next 20 days after signing up! 🎁


If you are already a Mondiad user and you have a few people who might be interested in this offer, this is a great time to put your referral system to work.💸
Hey, everyone! 👋
Here's what's new in the last two months.

- Mondiad x ad tracker ClickFlare integration
- Mondiad x ad tracker ClickMagick integration
- The special deals section has been updated! See what's new and in it for you! Some offers are time-limited!
- Our traffic inventory is now LIVE on our website.
- Check out our blog for the latest posts including some summer advertising ideas to freshen up your strategy this season.

Keep an eye close on this thread cause we have other updates to be made very soon! 📰

Don't forget about the exclusive offer for new publishers which is still active:
All new Mondiad publishers will have a 100% revenue share for the next 20 days after signing up!
Hey, everyone! Big news!

💥 Target CPA is Now in Beta! Get the most out of your Mondiad ad campaigns with even less effort! Here is another smart feature that automates your efforts and maximizes your results! All about it on our blog.

And since we've seen a spike in interest to test out our traffic, here's a new bonus code to work your magic:
💸 Use promo code "mjune15" on your first Mondiad account top-up of a min. $100 and get a 15% bonus on your deposit(max bonus value $100).
⏳This offer expires July 5th!
Meet with us at Affiliate World Conferences Europe 2023!

We're counting down to one of our favourite industry events in the world and we're excited to meet many faces, both old and new.

Don't miss coming by our booth to say hi and learn about our latest power-ups! 😉
🏁 Booth B46

📌 Fira de Barcelona, Spain
📆 12-13 July 2023

The Mondiad Dream Team:
Radu - CEO & Co-Founder
Peter - Head of RTB
Diana - Customer Care Specialist
Stefan - Sales & Business Development
📣 Banner ads are here!

Just as the digital landscape continues to evolve, so are we. And so are you!
From now on, embrace the power of banner ads to take your advertising to new heights! 🚀

They are super versatile, being placed at the top, bottom, or on the side of web pages, which is great for attention-grabbing!

And they come in several shapes and sizes. The Mondiad inventory currently has 5 types of banners:
🔹 Medium banner 300 x 250
🔹 Full banner 468 x 60
🔹 Square banner 250 x 250
🔹 Leaderboard 728 x 90
🔹 Skyscraper 120 x 600

👉 Benefits, costs, strategy... all about it on our blog.

P.S. Banners will shortly be visible via our traffic inventory on our website but meanwhile, you can look at the inventory for native ads for an estimate for costs and volumes.
Hey everyone,
It's been a while so here's what's new!

We've got some fresh, interesting, and helpful articles on our blog.

🔹How to use ChatGPT as an advertiser, affiliate or webmaster.
The buzz with AI is here to stay so we tested out and came up with a few tips(with prompts) on how to use ChatGPT to ease up your daily tasks and make money. Let us know what you think and do add your ideas.

🔹8 Marketing And Advertising Books You Should Be Reading In 2023!
On another note, international book lovers day has recently just passed so we wanted to celebrate it with a collection of insightful industry-wise book recommendations.

🔹And last but not least, we are currently posting an exclusive Tuesday tip-of-the-week series with many advice and inspiration for advertisers and affiliates. Make sure to like/follow our social media pages to receive them if you're interested.

🔹In the meantime, don't forget to test out our newest bidding model, targetCPA.

See you around! 👋
Ready for TES Prague 2023?

Join us at the European Summit Prague 2023 🇨🇿, the place where affiliates, media buyers, advertisers, publishers & content creators meet!

📌 Prague, Czech Republic
📆 18 - 21 September 2023

We have a variety of ad formats and unique perks to tell you all about.
Push? Pops? Natives? Banners? What lights up you're fire? 🔥

Come enjoy a drink and let's explore business opportunities together!
Hey everyone,
Check out what's new on our blog. This September we've focused on bringing you some educational content to help you more effective ad campaigns as well as some monetization tips for our publishers.

- Master the art of ad creatives with Mondiad's ad creative library!
👉 https://blog.mondiad.com/master-the-art-of-ad-creatives-with-mondiads-ad-creative-library/

- 5 Essential Ad Revenue Optimization Strategies for Publishers
👉 https://blog.mondiad.com/5-ad-revenue-strategies-for-publishers/

- The Battle of Ad Formats: Native vs. Banner Advertising
👉 https://blog.mondiad.com/the-battle-of-ad-formats-native-vs-banner-advertising/

- Seasonal Mondiad Advertising Ideas: Fall
👉 https://blog.mondiad.com/seasonal-mondiad-advertising-ideas-fall/

- And last but not least, here's how The European Summit Prague 2023 went down:
👉 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.757785333027616&type=3

See you around! 👋

Treats alert! 👻🍬
Stay tuned on our social media channels today for a chance to win a special Halloween bonus.
awa 2023.png

Counting down to our final conference of the year, Affiliate World Conferences Asia 2023! ✈️🇹🇭

Come check out our latest power-up and get sneak peeks into our future plans.

📌 Bangkok, Thailand
📆 07-08 December 2023

The Mondiad Dream Team awaits you at 🏁 Booth D53:
- Radu, CEO & Co-Founder
- Max, CIO & Co-Founder
- Nick, CTO & Co-Founder
- Stefan, Business Development Manager
- Petru, Head Of RTB

Schedule time with us:
👉 https://calendly.com/mondiad/awa2023

P.S. If you can't make it this year, we'll be sharing valuable insights from the conference so keep close to our social media channels. 📸
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Hey advertisers and affiliate marketers, are you ready to make your mark this Black Friday?

This period is a prime time to showcase products and services, drive sales, and earn commissions and we’ve got traffic for all countries and verticals as well as top-performing ad formats like classic push, in-page push, native, and banners. 💰🎯

🎁 For this reason,take this gift from us and supercharge your ad campaigns:
  • New Mondiad advertiser accounts who top-up for the first time between 📆 24 November - 01 December will receive a 15% top-up bonus for depositing a minimum of 100$ using the code "M23BF" (up to 100$ bonus).
  • Existing users who top-up between 📆 24 November - 01 December will receive a 10% top-up bonus for depositing a minimum of 500$ using the code "M23BF10" (up to 100$ bonus).

Also, take these fresh, 👉exclusive insights from top industry players and get to business. There are also some very lucrative offers from your favourite CPA networks: 3snet, Cpamatica, YellanaCPA, and Zeydoo, that are ready to get to the limelight.

Let's make this Black Friday one to remember!
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Happy holidays, everyone!

As we approach the end of another incredible year, we wish to show our big thanks to our amazing users and partners, and nonetheless to you, the namepros community! 🙌

It's been a busy year which we end with great satisfaction and we're eagerly anticipating the opportunities that the new year will bring. We'll continue enhancing our services to meet your needs but also to exceed your expectations. 💪

Thank you for being part of our community!
- the Mondiad team

- We've launched targetCPA, a smart bidding model that automatically adjusts your campaign costs and ad delivery to achieve a desired tCPA.
- We've added banner ads to our ad format portfolio. (Medium banner 300 x 250, Full banner 468 x 60, Square banner 250 x 250, Leaderboard 728 x 90, Skyscraper 120 x 600.)
- For amore accessible and transparent communication with Mondiad advertisers, our traffic inventory has been added to a dedicated page on our website.
- To enhance communication with conversion trackers, a valuable tool to advertisers, we've partnered up with even more ad trackers on the market: ClickMagick, Adspectai, MaxConv Skro, ClickFlare.
- In 2023, we also attended 3 well-established industry conferences: TES Prague, AWEurope Barcelona, AWAsia Bangkok.
- Last but not least, the Mondiad dream-team has grown with 2 new team members.

Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead of us. We're working on some great surprises that we can't wait to bring to light. ;)

Hey publishers,
We've got 2 new ad formats ready to make you money! 🤑
  • Meet dynamic ads, an ad format that slides into view within the header or footer of a webpage as the user scrolls through it. Once triggered, the ad remains stationary in the header/footer until the viewer closes it.
  • Maximize your ad revenue with interstitial ads, these center-page overlaying banners that combat banner blindness, take up no space, do not disrupt your user experience.
Grab your gift before it's too late! 🎁⏳
We are currently offering 100% revenue share for 20 days after sign up to new publishers.

P.S. If you are our publisher already, this could be a great incentive to promote via our referral system and earn extra revenue. 🔊🤑
How is everyone? Curious about our April Highlights?

Lately, we've focused on putting the spotlight on our in-house tools and how they help you step up your ad game.

- Case study: TargetCPA
Smart bidding is a great way to automate costs and maximize conversions, ensuring that your ad budget is spent wisely, within the average values of each conversion.

- Case study: Event tracker + Optimisation rules
Just imagine harnessing the extra data provided by our Event Tracker or the automated optimization capabilities of our Smart Rules. Curious to see this combo in action? This is your sign.

- High-impact optimisation rules for better results
This modern ad tool automatically fine-tunes your campaigns in real-time, based on data-driven decision-making. From maximizing ROI, to improving targeting assets, it's time you harness the full potential of your ad campaigns. You make the rules!

It may not look like much, but we are working hard on some upcoming updates you will love. Stay tuned.

See you around!
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