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Alright, here’s a gem of a domain. Miuzeeq. Cool name, if I do say so myself ;) Personally, I think this name is best suited for a tech startup that focuses on the music industry. Some examples include:
  • An online playlist that shares its advertising revenue with music labels so that it can legally stream music for users
  • An online booking platform for the sale of concert tickets
  • An ecommerce store that sells music accessories and apparels like shirts, sunglasses and caps that are endorsed or owned by music artistes
  • A crowdfunding site specifically for backing music projects
  • An online platform for brands to reach out to musicians for endorsement deals
Frankly, the list could go on. But whatever the company is, it will have the advantage of this stylish name. By the way, the beauty of this name is that it ties itself to the music industry easily. There's no ambiguity at all about what its product or service is related to, unlike certain brands. For eg. anyone who hears the name Nutanix would be forgiven for thinking that it's some kind of AI robot that nuts on command. (it's a software company btw).

Anyway, there’s no denying it. The name Miuzeeq is pretty cool. It’s hip. It’s fresh. And... it can be yours! For a price ;)

Important Notes
  • Asking price for this domain is US$3,000
  • Deal to be done via Payoneer Escrow or only.
  • Escrow fees to be borne by buyer. Note that for the above stated price, Payoneer Escrow has lower escrow fees ($45) compared to ($97.50 for wire payment, $189 for CC payment).
  • Domain push to your Namecheap account. If you don't have one, then pls create one. It's free!
  • Interested parties, kindly send me a love letter. Uhm, I mean, a PM. Or you can reply to this thread too. If you’re not interested, then reply with your fav movie quote lol Thanks!
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