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    When it comes to Pizza people rarely say "I am looking to buy Pizzas" however, with this food item people do say "I am looking to buy Matzos" therefore, the domain has a real meaning and the word is used as part of products, video titles, articles etc.

    Estibot Value 6800
    Matzos receives over 1,300 searches per month on Google (estibot)
    The domain sold for $8,240 on 2008-02-01 (EstiBot)

    Registrar - NameSilo
    Payment Options - PayPal, Escrow,

    Some of the companies that use this word within their product

    Manischewitz Matzos
    Yehuda Matzos
    Streit's Matzos
    Aviv Rye Matzos
    Jerusalem Organic Spelt Matzos
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