Main purpose of domain monetization?

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  1. RoyCpo

    RoyCpo New Member

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    Hello friends,
    Could anyone explain me about the basic What is the purpose of domain monetization?
    I am looking for some useful concepts that helps me out on this.
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  2. Josytal

    Josytal Established Member

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    In a nutshell, it is the process of converting to cash (money) the traffic (visits/visitors/hits etc.) a domain (website) can attract.
    No traffic = No cash flow.

    It's one thing to attract traffic, it's another thing to be able to convert the traffic to cash.

    And welcome onboard to NP.!
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  3. stub

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    I would echo what @Josytal has said. Well put, In a nutshell.
  4. Rob Monster

    Rob Monster CEO, Epik Staff PRO Gold Account VIP

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    I would simply treat it as "Runway".

    If you have some kind of recurring revenue sufficient to cover your renewal costs, you have runway, with which to wait for the right exit scenario. The folks in this industry who are kings, have mastered the art of patience. They wait for their price, and keep their costs down while they wait for their exits.

    Personally I have stopped using BIN pricing and focused just on Make Offer with prices that appeal to strategic buyers. Those who cannot afford it can lease. And this is the other reason why I am such a big fan of domain leasing.
  5. Ausdog

    Ausdog New Member

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    I have a question.

    If you use a service like, is it better to let them monetize a good domain name for you OR set up a landing page on the domain and wait for the right buyer?
  6. biggie

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    the question is contrary, in that most use one or the other, or a mix of both for their portfolio's.

    because if you use parkingcrew, then you are attempting to collect revenue on the traffic and possibly get inquiries on your domain, from that traffic, using that platform.

    if you use a typical landing page with no advertisements, you may get inquires, but then you loose the potential to earn any revenue from those visitors.

    note that all pay per click services have ability for you to receive sales inquires thru a link on your parked page.

    the ability to earn parking revenue from your domains, can afford you the income to pay renewal fees on those and possibly other domains in your portfolio.

    that, in turn, puts you in a position of comfort, where you can wait for the right buyer, because your domains are paying for themselves.

  7. Ausdog

    Ausdog New Member

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    That is a good answer thanks Bigg
  8. Kpett

    Kpett Established Member

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    But parking revenue is no longer what it used to be ... only high keyword domains are going to get you from pennies to dollars thru parking. Today, you are far better off developing a website and making money through ads and affiliates, but that takes time and effort on your part where parking doesn't. You can market a "brandable" domain name much easier after developing a website for it than you can by parking it or submitting it to the overcrowded "brand" domain sales sites.

    Good luck!

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