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    I've spent most of this morning looking at political videos and reading political reviews and reports, and I decided I needed a break. I find it mildly relaxing looking at the name suggestion sites, and the lists of deleted names. I don't usually find much, and I've got so many sites to sort out, that I shouldn't be looking anyway. The last thing I want at the moment is more names. :)

    I thought I'd make it difficult by looking at the top cpc keywords, and choosing a difficult one. Loans is number 2 with a cpc of $44.28, so I thought I would try that. I used a name generator site to see what it could find for me. It threw up 1.348 suggestions, so I did a bit of filtering. I still had loads of strange creations, mixtures and concoctions, but one looked interesting. That was Now I've never heard of such things, but I thought I would see what Google thought of it. The first good sign was that Google put 4 paid adverts on the results page. When I looked at the results, I saw that "mixed loans" seems to ba a new concept that may have started in India. It allows you to mix variable and fixed interest rates in a single loan package. The concept seems to have spread to a few other countries. I've registered the name as an experiment.

    Now I have to decide if I should try to use it for revenue generation, sell it, or keep it in the hope that the concept becomes popular. Estibot seems to think it's rubbish.

    I started this thread as an encouragementr to new domainers, and I would be grateful if any comments could be posted as help and guidance to those starting in the domain world. What I hope is that it will discourage people from registering large numbers of names because they like a keyword. Spend some time looking through the lists, and check the one you like most before your get your credit card out.

    ps. I've no idea of the value of, as it seems to be a bit of a specialised market, but my feeling is that it must be worth more than reg fee.
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    yes mixed loans are concepts designed for variable interest rates and the amount subjected to this rate of interest. if it grows, the market i mean, it'll be cool

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