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  1. Gary Moore

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    I have sold a couple domains on here. But as for real sales, nothing. I have posted on GD for way under price to very high, auctions, BIN, Sedo auctions and BIN, Flippa, I have sent 97 domains to namejet with no results. My 6N .org, 7N.coms, 5L.coms,,, are all good and match what is selling. But not one sale. No matter the price or platform. Any advice on where people are making sales and how would be greatly appriciated.
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  2. Joseph Green

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    This should indicate to you that you're overvaluing these particular domain names; they're probably not even worth the registration fee. That may change in the future, but the market is telling you that's the reality today.

    My recommendation is that you shift your focus to a different category of domains, and most importantly, do more research before buying anything else.
  3. Trent1000

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    Fix price, not more than $350, for me $120 is the most succesful value. Sedo, GD premium, I had succes on Bodis too. Of course only if they are handregged.
  4. William V

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    I'm not the best at selling domains as I have a long term outlook and have no interest in selling off my position in the market. That said, when I buy domains I am usually researching prospective buyers before i pull the trigger. In my opinion, most of your names don't have an obvious end user. Of course, the Chinese are going for some of the number domains and non vowel strings but I don't really understand that market so maybe there is more value there than I am able to see.

    If you want to get your numerics in front of Chinese buyers, might be a way to go. Godaddy auctions seems to have quite a few CHIPS running through there too.

    For the brandables you might try brandroot or brandbucket.

    I've heard .com portfolio guys claim 1-2% annual sales on their names. A set of .net, .org and .gtld's isn't going to generate the interest that .com's do.

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