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    We've recently reached a cooperation agreement with a team of skilled and well motivated guys interested in working fulltime on a solid and well developed forex project so we're now getting in touch with all our contacts to start a large scale research of a professional forex portal having some unique and genuine content and possibly offering different services related to this industry (ie: forex platform reviews, forex forum, forex tips with exclusive services or software for sale, existing partnership with forex service suppliers etc ...).
    This portal should also have a good flow of constant monthly traffic and some constant monthly revenue.
    It's not important how it will make money while we care a lot about the quality of the whole website design/content/traffic/revenue.

    We'll work on it to implement new services and to extend the whole activity in new directions.
    We don't care about the associated domain while we'll ask for some solid proof regarding the provided stats and sources of income.
    The portal may either be in English or Spanish language and it might either cover an international or a geo targeted audience.
    We're interested in the Latin American market too.

    We're ready to evaluate seriously any proposed website by guaranteeing a reply in either ways within few days.

    We can't fix a budget because it depends a lot by the quality/amount of traffic/revenue/website popularity and other factors.
    What I can say is we're looking for a fair realistic price based on what we'll get offered.

    We've investors ready to finance this acquisition if the proposed portal will meet our expectations so feel free to keep us posted if you've (or you wish to broker) something fitting with our requirements.

    Budget? From $500 to $50k/+ ... Anything depends by what you'll offer us.

    Send your offers or proposals by PM/email: [email protected]
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