Looking for a host that will delete your site due to their incredible incompetence? x10hosting is 4u

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    I am here posting this in hopes of saving others the headaches that result from using this incompetent host.

    After having my site hosted there for over a year they implemented a poorly coded VPN and proxy detection script that erroneously detected my modem dedicated IP address as a VPN or Proxy resulting in an inability to login and keep my account from being suspended (you must login to their website every 30 days or it gets suspended until you do).

    So I file a support ticket in which I explain that their script is flawed and a simple check on any number of sites proves I am not behind a VPN or proxy they then completely delete my site before resolving my support ticket (I had no backup due to recent hard drive failure here) when i ask why they would do that they gave a rambling cut and paste response talking about accounts getting deleted for illegal activity.

    I asked them if they would act like professionals own their mistake and restore my site from a server backup that any hosting company worth its salt would have while attaching screenshots from about 5 sites all declaring my IP to be not behind a VPN or proxy and to be my residential IP address and they ceased communications.

    Now lets get to their crap service, lots of downtime coupled with half working Cpanel and a poorly written custom server side caching script that makes developing a site that you have not already completed elsewhere a headache.

    So again if you don't mind having your site deleted because of their incompetence and then being blamed for their incompetence go for it, otherwise avoid them like the plague
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