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Things are about to heat up in the domain industry, after the London Domain Summit founder announced that Canadian domainer, Adam Dicker, will be attending the August event.

Helmuts Meskonis is hosting the domain-centric event in London on August 22-23 where “entry is free, food and drinks” as well. Hopefully, temperatures in the UK won’t be as hot as in recent weeks...
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Thanks @Acroplex for writing the article.

What exactly is the relation between Helmuts and Adam?
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We are not aware of any ongoing relationship between Helmuts Meskonis and Adam Dicker but it seems odd that he’s stepping in on his behalf.
They have been streaming together for years on end on YouTube.

Another well researched article from the Daily mail of domain news.

I do agree with the sentiment of it though in this case cause that response was pretty astonishing given the subject matter lol.
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Adam didnt attend the event but I did and I had full support for @Helmuts it was a great event we really needed a event in the uk for the Europe market as lots of people cant attend namescon as its to far here is my review on the event also please follow my YouTube as I will posting regular shows on my own channel now.