List of domain name Brokers ?

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    Can anyone help me find a list of domain name brokers ?
    I didn't seem to find a directory of domain name brokers to reach out to,
    would be very helpful to the community if there's a list or directory of domain name brokers with contact info.

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  2. equity78

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    The first thing you have to know about domain brokers, is they want quality names, most (not all) are interested only in .com or spectacular popular repurposed cctlds like .tv, .io, .co.

    So if your names are not quality, where a broker does not think they are going to be able to sell for six figures or more, it's probably going to be a disappointing endeavor.

    James Booth is a broker, he posts here @BoothDomains @Darryl Lopes is another solid broker. @Dave Evanson is one of the best in the business. @MediaOptions is one of the best. There are some others I could name but unless you have a super premium .com they are not going to take you on as a client. Personally I have brokered many names on the lower end of the scale in the $10,000 to $90,000 range. Is it really worth the time? Who knows it's just been another part of the job. But most who run brokerage operations are not going to broker handregs or names you picked up at closeouts in the hopes of a $10 or $20,000 sale.

    Again what kind of names are you looking to have brokered? that's most important before finding a domain broker. Feel free to post some examples here.
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  3. PhongSGC

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    wow, thx so much, @equity78, price must be 5+ figures to find a broker?
  4. Hello,

    There are members offering domain name brokerage services on NamePros.

    Domain Brokers and Financiers:

    Also, Elliot offers a list:

    List of Domain Brokers and Domain Brokerage Services:
    DS offers a smaller list:

    A couple older ones that come to mind:
    • BrandIT /

    Hope that helps,
  5. Igor Mironyuk

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    Which brokers is for .BIZ domains?

    I have one word .BIZ with traffic, clicks and earnings.

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