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Life Science Conference Good News for .science

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  1. RCBitking

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    I'm fairly new in new domain extensions but I've been investing and holding several .coms for years.

    That said, I attended the CED Life Science Conference in Raleigh NC this week. Whew! Staggering. 1000 registered and a who's who list of entrepreneurs, medical researchers, scientists, designers, business leaders and so many investors and venture capitalists. You can do your own DD but I was there to research future possibilities in the .science space in which I hold several.

    I was grateful to have face to face time with dozens of companies and beyond excited to learn the possibilities for the future both in cures and help as well as opportunity to create .science profit. I know that an individual early on initially purchased many random .science domains causing several spam... adverse issues associated with the domain. However...after speaking with CEOs and scientists, investors and strategists, I see why cancer.science, .Alzheimers.science, biotech.science and hundreds of other legit domains are selling for $6k to $13k. From the company marketing personal testing units for sickle cell, to the company on the brink of a fascinating HIV diagnostic, to the VR companies for addiction (based in Chapel Hill NC), to all the billions pumped into oncology, neurogenomics, biotech, robotics, and OCD, it was nice to get a confidence booster to buy on the cutting edge, not just the past. No shame in saying I'd happily sell a few as opportunity arises.

    All this to say I feel very confident that .science although never a crypto potential, holds a significant upside short and long term. Any thoughts or experience in .science would be appreciated. Thanks ahead.
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  2. Bob Hawkes

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    @RCBitking I also see good potential in .science, and hold several dozen names. Within science, I agree that biotechnology (CRISPR, gene therapy, functional MRI, neuroscience, pharmaceuticals, nanotech, medical technology, etc.) are among the most promising. I do feel that materials science in general, and nanoscience in particular, also offer good potential, as well as communication and space related topics, and of course the science of cryptography, neural networks and machine learning.

    It is unfortunate that the registry so bungled the .science launch and therefore the rise and fall of the first year or so after introduction, but the extension has levelled out for the past while somewhere around 50th place.
  3. RCBitking

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    @MetBob Thanks for the reply. I'm right in Research Triangle in Raleigh NC and been meeting with various representatives in a number of fields. I wish I had bought biotech or biotechnology as they seem to be exploding in this area. A close friend of mine has a company here that somehow uses a salt chemical to tun diapers into reusable energy. They received $17.5 mil more funding last week. They are more into the biochemical which I was lucky to grab. By the way, gene therapy was very well represented at the conference I just attended on Life Science. Good luck in your endeavors.

    Do you do domaining full time?
  4. Katee584

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    Thanks RCBitking for the great post re science domain names. Your background and perspectives on the industry are very interesting and i will be watching this thread. I have just finished postgraduate masters of science and have growing interest in science related domains. I have a few names related to mosquito control, insect biology etc and hope to spend more time on this.

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