Life/Business Lesson – A Patent Mistake I Made With Boeing In The 90’s

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    Patenting your ideas is "Very Important"! I've been seeing way too many people getting their ideas scooped up from public social media groups and open communities. The other day I came across a few ideas published on members feeds/timelines and couldn't help but think about the "What If's". In the 90's I, myself, made a patent mistake with Boeing (The aircraft Manufacturer) and figured I would write a little bit about patents and share my Boeing story.
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    not too late to file for a patent.
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    If only I had written down the concepts and ideas I've had over the years

    But I never get round to doing anything with the ideas

    Mind you now when I have an idea I buy the. Com domain of the idea and forget about it lol

    Ref your idea

    Its only a matter of time before someone designs amphibious people carrying vehicles

    The big G are already designing flying cars

    It wouldn't surprise me if they don't design and build amphibious cars although I reckon Elon musk could easily build cars that swim
  5. They already have, from 4 wheelers to full size 35 ft. recreational vehicles (RV's). It's a niche all on it's own already that not many people have invested in ;)
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    But they are effectively early versions of your concept / idea etc

    Amphibious vehicles are probably 50 ish years old etc but if the big G start making them etc it will be like the first time we saw the little Google driverless car etc eg like nothing we had seen before

    Cars had been made for over 100 years before the big G driverless car

    It won't be long before one car does everything eg fly drive and swim etc and the inventors won't need to pitch to vc investors who um and ah and belittle entrepreneurs with qs and opinions like we don't think we can get our money back so as good an idea as it is we can't invest and all that rubbish etc

    If the big G want amphibious driverless vehicles etc they will be building amphibious flying vehicles using their own vast wealth

    Never before have entrepreneurs been able to throw money at an idea just because they can afford to like they can today

    The only thing an entrepreneur needs today is

    an idea that would work if invested in

    And a two word self explanatory dot com domain name of the idea

    And that's it
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    The story of a lost opportunity, (not mine).

    Many years ago I'm working on a remodel (painting) and there is this finish carpenter on the job with what I thought at the time was the coolest thing.
    It was a tool belt type of thing that wrapped around a 5 gallon bucket.
    I asked the guy where did he get it? He said his wife made it. Outstanding!
    Just being me I pressed him and I asked how / when did he come up with the idea? He hemd and hawd, but I kept on him until finally he told me this story.

    He said he was on another job and saw another carpenter with one.
    He asked the same questions I did, and the guy said he thought it up and made one. Too cool, right?
    Well the first guy asked the second guy, "Do you have a patent on it?"
    The second guy said, "No, why would I do that?"
    The first guy said, "Ok.... "

    The first guy went home that night, bought all the materials he would need to make another one, had his wife put them together, drew up some sort of plan and took it all to a patent atty and after some time got a patent on it.

    He was still negotiating with some company when I met him, but a few months later, I started seeing them at Ace, Home Depot, etc....

    Never did see that carpenter again... ;)

    Now whether he gave the original guy a cut, I don't know.
    From the conversations I had with him over the next few days while he was still on the job I got the impression he had no intention of sharing the credit.

    That's his karma either way, but I'm sure he made a few bucks off of it.

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    Thanks for the story, I have one of those....:xf.grin:
  9. Exactly! There are so many stories out there of people leaving their meat (idea) on the table and walking away. Don't they know that there are hungry animals in the jungle that will devour the meat (idea) as soon as they come in contact with it? lol
  10. platey

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    The impossible is now possible

    But only if you think back to front

    My idea - had it for a few years

    Free food -

    Its that simple

    Most people would reckon it can't be done

    But its very easy to do

    You would need to buy the self explanatory dot com domain of the idea tho

    Here is how to make $20b? $30b?$50b? Or possibly $100b+? From giving away free food

    There are two ways it can be achieved

    Eg start from nothing


    An Internet giant initially self fund it

    OK the start up from nothing avenue

    Either buy some groceries from your own pocket and find a sponsor to sponsor you giving free groceries randomly to anyone who visits your website and asks for an item of grocery etc

    It wouldn't be long before people were queuing to visit your website to get free items of groceries

    But businesses would also be queuing to advertise to the people visiting your website which would give you even more ad $'s to use to buy even more groceries to give away which would attract even more people wanting free groceries

    It couldn't stop lol

    The second way it can happen is by either the big G or fb or amazon etc just spending $20b ish on groceries to give away which they would make back in 2 - 3 years in ad $'s and become self funding concept globally within 5 years

    Easy as pie
  11. The snag in that idea (At least for people in the U.S.) is that the federal and local governments now require health inspections and special licenses to give food away to the poor. A few months ago, the news was pouring with churches and volunteer groups that were being arrested for feeding the homeless without the proper licensing and inspections. All it takes is one person to get sick off something given to them for free and the business is shut down.

    Lots of research will be needed before attempting to venture into anything that involves food or beverages.
  12. platey

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    Exactly so the founder would have to do a lot of research

    But the concept would be the ability to use ad $ to fund the buying of grocery etc

    There would be no need to hold any grocery stock eg the person using the grocery would be collecting the grocery themselves from the supermarket or their local shop themselves

    The ad $`'s would simply make that a possibility which currently it is not

    Not much different to Deliveroo in as much as their customers order fast food from their favorite restaurants and Deliveroo simply deliver it but Deliveroo is a uk start up and it's huge in the uk

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