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    Do you invest in niche keyword domain names? What are your key strategies for buying keyword domains? Do you only buy .com or also c.c.T.L.D.'s and n.T.L.D.'s? There are many reasons for investing in niche keyword domain names, the obvious one being for searching engine optimisation where search engines and customers see the same words they are searching for in your domain name - giving the impression that the resulting website will house related products and services. Geographic location plus commercial trade (utahwindowcleaning, londondrycleaners, wichitanotary) is a popular niche keyword combination and often a profitable one. Other reasons include offline advertising such as billboards, sticker and paint spray ads on autos, building signs, display ads on websites, premium email addresses, and so forth. There are many places to find niche keyword domain names and many platforms to check the volume of people searching for key words and key phrases within a given niche and demographic. If you are a beginner or a seasoned pro post your thoughts about the latest strategies and techniques regarding niche keyword domain names. But keep your best kept secrets to yourself.
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