Kanye West announces 2020 Presidency run! lol

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  1. jamesall

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    Might end up with a new khadaffi except he raps to everybody for hours on end.

    Does anybody remember qualifications?
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    The Electoral College consists of 538 electors, and an absolute majority of at least 270 electoral votes is required to win the election.
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    I accept I am not into politics. it really is worrying that these types of "moves" no matter how ridiculous are being made and it's so transparent the purpose of it.

    yet you have people supporting it. no offense @Samer lol


    I can hear the album now!

    "This is my Line of Death!
    This my Line of Death!
    I'll fight till my last breath!

    They call me Yeezy!
    Not Lady Gaga.
    Vote for me!
    Let's go Maga!"

    damn! that just happened. Lord help us!

    in thee end I support everyone's right to choose who they choose.

    Are these really our only choices? Trump? Biden? Yeezy? lol

    This whole thing reminds me of the election in the Philippines where the son of Ferdinand Marcos ran for VP of the Philippines. He had no chance in hell but he got pretty close.

    His mother bribe the crap out of everyone. But in thee end he lost but the numbers were pretty close scarily.

    Funny thing is. Everyone protested against Marcos' son running for VP it distracted them.

    Meanwhile no one was really looking at Dueterte well they were but the people who were too focus on Bong (Marcos' son) should have been paying attention to Dueterte.

    In thee end. Bong lost to a woman and he appealed it. blah blah blah.

    And Duterte became president by a landslide.

    but here's the best part. later it comes to light that the MAJOR contributor to the Duterte campaign was none other than Imelda Marcos. Wife of Ferdinand Marcos.

    So really Bong was never expected to win really just a distraction to hook in all the trouble makers and nosey types who might look into Duterte's campaign contributions and his ties with the Marcos.

    This was all an effort by Imelda to finally bring back her husband to the Phlippines so that can be buried as a HERO in some hero cemetery in the Philippines.

    and all the judicial killings? hmmmmmm the Marcos' sure have plenty of enemies back home.
    Any one of them can easily be "confused" as some drug dealer and user.

    Convenient yes?

    And now we have a president of the Philippines who is indebted to the Marcos'.

    The Marcos' by the way in their time were very "close" to the communist party.

    Is it no wonder that Duterte really does not put up a fight when China sets up "bases" on Philippines islands with armed "fishing boats"?

    You can see more about this in the movie "The Kingmaker" the Imelda Marcos Story.

    It's crazy.

    So yea. Kanye West? Distraction. Misdirection. split vote.
  4. jamesall

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    We are maxing out like every other 'civilisation' before us. The absolute insanity of how things are panning out is a great indicator.

    Get ready for the big RESET.
  5. NameDeck

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    Millennials... What's wrong with a $60 pair of allstars? :)
  6. AdamFL

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    USA is doing a great job becoming a third world country.
  7. Darren C

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    Apparently he pulled this stunt in 2015 after a concert .....there’s an article somewhere of a guy who then went home and regged a kanyeforpresident domain and then promptly turned down numerous offers including an alleged $50k offer.
  8. otismo

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    Bloomberg was a Spoiler for Buttigieg

    Kanye a Spoiler ?

  9. otismo

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    the USA is just going through that same old cycle

    someone will rescue US


    ( I think we are his pet project - in fact, he told me that the .US is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION ).
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    Why do they buy domain names every time there's an election?
    To get ready for the vote?

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