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  1. Vito

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    I just sold for $3000 USD. Not as good as my last 5 digit tv sale but a respectable sale to ahare, imo.

    Couple facts. Ive owned for 5+ years. I bought it for very cheap. It has had an inquiry/offer prob once a year.

    So recently, (couple weeks ago) i listed a bunch of my domains on Undeveloped. I had a Buy It Now/Make Offer page up on and my listed BIN price was $2399.


    Shortly after i listed it at Undeveloped i received an email from Afternic asking me for a price request. I was surprised to aee someone come in from Afternic since tbe Undeveloped page looked so easy to check out from.

    I told Afternic sales team i want $2500. Basically i wanted to net $2k total for myself. I also told them that is firm. I would not go any lower and that is really a great price.

    Shortly after that, i got an email saying they sold for $3000!
    Now my net is $2400 as opposed to the $2000 i was asking for.
    Bad A$$!

    So, couple things here.
    I am still very curious about why buyer skipped the whole Dan/Undeveloped landing page and paid $600 more thru Afternic and not $600 less on a beautiful and very professional looking landing page. I am not complaining about this one but i just hope the Undeveloped pages work for me in future sales.

    Second and more important thing i learned here.

    Afternic DOES negotiate higher prices for our domains sometimes. Ive sold a bunch there and have not seen that before. So i really wantes to share that with the community here.
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  2. Pierre Barnard

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  3. NYJimbo

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    That is an important question most of us will never know the answer to. I sold a .org for $325 last month that was listed as $225 on Undeveloped, but it sold on Sedo for $325 because I forgot to lower the price there.
    The lander was on UnD, so either they never went to the actual domain or they didnt like what they saw and preferred Sedo.
  4. BrandsOpen

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    Congrats! I've experienced the same thing with a domain I had listed with Undeveloped landing pages (for $xxx). Sold the domain through Afternic for mid $xxxx.

    Things are weird sometimes.
  5. Hypersot

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    People use various tools on the net to search for the domains they want or google leads them to those top ranking tools.
    When looking for domains via said tools they will always lead the user to a major marketplace (ie. sedo, godaddy, etc.)
    Hence why most sales happen there.

    How do I know that? I assumed the position of a potential end user by looking for domains like I had nothing to do with domain names.. 90% of the time I ended up on the big marketplaces.
  6. DomainBarracksRob

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing the details and enjoy the extra ca$h!

  7. The Durfer

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  8. Ammudamus

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    Congrats! Let's get that reported on DN Journal!

  9. NYJimbo

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    Forgot to comment on this:

    .TV domains are weird. Sometimes you see a word like "Cello" which as a .com is very valuable, but as a .TV you are not sure if the domain name (Cello) retains value with the TLD (.TV), because common sense tells you "Does Cello make for a great TV streaming site or something TV or digital related ?".

    I've seen .TV domains with strong .COM value sell for nothing, while weirdo words or phrases sell for big because they are more geared towards streaming or digital TV services.

    I recently sold a .TV name (no don't ask) which was a slang term and it sold for $xxx, I sold it low because I lost faith in it. Right after the sale it was a redirect to a Chinese casino site. :xf.confused:
    Now it's just a search engine. I cannot find ANY site or platform listing it for sale. So I don't know why they bought it and why it's in limbo. BUT, I still made a nice mark up on $26. :-P
  10. Vito

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    Done :)

    Congrats on your sale.

    When I look at dot tv domains, I see more value than most do.

    I know the majority of people can understand great sales in the dot tv extension when it comes to the best of the best video-centric domain names. Example - Stream, Streaming, Digital, Online, etc. Of course, these type of keywords are most desirable in the dot tv extension.

    TV program names are of course another characteristic I look for when I look for my dot tv domain names.

    Then here is one of the weirder things I haven't shared before but sometimes when purchasing dot tv domain names that aren't as intuitive with the tv extension, I think of commercials. Can a commercial be made with this keyword and can it be easily remembered? If so, than most times I like that even though it may sounds weird to others.

    I'm not telling anyone to invest this way, these are just a few things I do in my domaining.
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