JUNE 18 EDIT - Seeking Long Term Partner to Assist With Developing Chat System

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If you are interested in the position outlined below, send me an email to [email protected] - I can whitelist your IP address so you can see the website and the progress that I have already made.

I'm in the final stages of deploying an adult social media chat website. I did the entire front-end and need someone, a long-term partner, to develop and continuously maintain the chat itself and handle some database/backend work. This is a long-term, commission-based position.

My offer is that you receive every bit of revenue up until a certain (reasonable) amount that we agree upon, then it switches up and all funds go to me until I am out of the hole, then we do a complete 50-50 split thereafter. Furthermore, your half is never used to maintain the website (servers, hosting, cloudflare, renewals, etc.).

To ensure your protection as my partner, we will enter a legal agreement and contracts will be signed so that no wrongdoing may take place on either side.

Additional information: The website is being built upon an aged adult domain that was a porn tube for 17 years. It has enough history, traffic and domain authority for earning to begin as soon as the chat is completed. A lot of the heavy lifting has already been done.
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Looking for a full stack web developer to become a long-time partner with (1 year+). Need help in development and maintenance of simple chat application for website. Proficiency in the following key areas is a requirement:


SQL or Mongo (Preferably Mongo)
Basic knowledge of Linux OS and Apache web server

If this sounds like you, send an email to [email protected] with a resume of sorts and I will provide further details regarding job.
I would be glad to partner with you on this.

My website is
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