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    On April 15th yet another 5-figure Handshake top-level domain sale: .OO gets resold for 45k HNS (roughly $26k) via the Namebase marketplace.

    This is an interesting TLD in that it is just one character short of the existing ICANN-based new gTLD .OOO released a few years back. While Handshake has taken the initiative to avoid name collisions in respective current ICANN TLD's, there is nothing stopping close matches! It should certainly make things interesting in the coming years.


    It's a start. We will HODL and support the protocol.

    Was the response to reactions on Namecheap claiming their HNS name. In an exciting announcement made via Twitter on April 8th, it was revealed that the domain registrar had claimed their corresponding Handshake TLD: namecheap/

    This makes Namecheap one of the earliest Alexa top 100 thousand companies to claim their Handshake name.


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