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    I am having issues accessing NameJet through Google Chrome, but can access just fine with Safari. I also tried to send an email to NameJet support team about the bug, and it appears they've made it nearly impossible to reach out by email or submitting a ticket through their website. The area of their website to submit a ticket does not work. It just continuously prompts me to log in but to no luck. Their website has been failing in various areas. Hopefully, they see this message and they work quickly to fix the issues. This impeding my ability to bid on and acquire domains. Their domain search feature has not been functioning properly either. If I search for something, it would process, briefly show what I searched for then pop back to what was on the search before. Also, they need to add a feature to search for domains by their age.

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    NameJet has been inaccessible to me for at least a month now. I can't even get their site to resolve. I did once get through by phone to see what was wrong and was told to change my browser - to Chrome, believe it or not.

    IMHO any business which tries to tell its potential customers what technology to use doesn't deserve my business. That is the total antithesis of customer service.

    They are not even in a relatively strong position to be able to pull off such a stunt. They have so many competitors doing the same thing and nobody can plough through all of the domains available from all of the sources. This just makes it easier for me.
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    Ive been waiting a few days to have my account verrified

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