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Is VeriSign making a veiled threat toward domain investors?

Labeled as domains in Domain Industry News started by equity78, Nov 2, 2018.


  1. equity78

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    Reading the blog post by Jeannie McPherson VeriSign's Director of Product Management, Social Media and Mobile Applications, one has to wonder if she understands the business of domain names. Ms. McPherson doesn't like that TurnCommerce the company behind HugeDomains, DropCatch and NameBright is lobbying Congress And yet, TurnCommerce has been actively lobbying our government to freeze the … [Read more...]
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  2. wizard

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    Hmmm seems that way
  3. domainer111

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    It's a straightforward attack from this blog post. It's the Verisign official blog so it can be taken as a straightforward attack from Verisign. Amusing as they seek premium prices for dot-tv domains as you correctly reminded us.

    Personally, if I was Verisign, I would not rock the boat with the dot-com monopoly they have, risk angering Godaddy, blog posts about the SiteFinders.com debacle (remember that?) etc.
  4. garptrader

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    Most individuals looking to buy a domain are not interested in spending much more than $50 on a domain -so when their ideal domain is taken and listed for sale at $xXxX they just select another domain with an extra word or a hyphen or abbreviation etc. So the existence of domain investors results in millions and millions of additional registrations which would not exist otherwise. Who benefits from the renewals of maybe 30 million .Com and .net aftermarket registrations?

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