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Is there a way to do a jump bid in GoDaddy Expired Auction?

Labeled as auctions in Domain Expiration and Domain Drop Catching started by drewwash, Feb 17, 2018.


  1. drewwash

    drewwash Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    I'm involved in a GoDaddy auction. The domain will go for $2k+. Another participant in the auction is using a macro or tool to bid at the last second, adding 5 minutes each time and prolonging the auction against my proxy bid.

    Is there a way to do a jump bid to take it from $1k to $2k in one bid? I really don't want to loose an hour of my life paying attention to whichever one of you likes the slow game.

    PS. What is the tool that they use to bid like that?
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  2. Nametree

    Nametree Nametree.com VIP

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    Not sure what you mean by “jump bid” but I don’t think that’s possible. You’d have to put a 2K proxy bid but if the bot bidding against you (if it is a bit) is configured to keep going, they’ll just bid 2005 or whatever the next bid up is at the last second.

    As far as the tool, I don’t know of any specific tool but it’s probably a custom program that taps into the Godaddy API.
  3. Arca

    Arca Active Member VIP

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    They use GoDaddy's API (provided by GoDaddy).

    Regular users are not granted access to their API.

    There is no way for you to get them to "jump bid". If they've set their bot to bid in the last 5 seconds, adding 5 minutes each time, there is nothing you can do about it.

    When people have complained to GoDaddy about this, reps have told them to just place your max proxy bid and leave the auction.
  4. creataweb

    creataweb Some Guy with Awesome Senior High School Photo VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Place max bid and let it ride.
  5. urlurl

    urlurl Active Member VIP

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    i always wondered - who would benefit from putting bids seconds before the auction finishes only to extend it 5 minutes each time... :xf.rolleyes:
  6. drewwash

    drewwash Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    In the early days of GoDaddy auctions I lost a domain to someone who kept postponing... I got distracted by my son being in the corner for a timeout.

    I hate proxy bids. Ever since one of the auction sites burned me (and many others) I prefer to keep my top bid to myself.

    It is a tactic that works... but it is on the dirty side. Ultimately the auctions lose money and domains don't reach their true value, because of the practice.
  7. UXela

    UXela Account Closed

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    It’s not necessarily API.
    You don’t need API access to play like that :)
  8. BrandMart

    BrandMart DomainBugle.com VIP

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    Not that I am aware of. Isn't this what we can a bidding-bot?
  9. OmarVG

    OmarVG Active Member VIP

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    No, just play along the bidding war. Or make a really Big bid to kill your auction rival.
    There are no tools, just TROLLS!! Welcome to the jungle!
    PS. One time I made the other bidder on a GoDaddy auction Overpay for the domain so Hard that he probably still hate me! LOL I had a great time tho!! :hilarious::hilarious:
  10. MR Harrist

    MR Harrist Established Member

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    as far as I know, to get what we want! is to make them scared! I always bid $100, if go up, I will add more $100, most of the time, they will know they dealing with :xf.grin: well, of course its not my money! its some company money! so my jobs is to make sure, I got they domain safely in my account!

    and if I were you, I will try another places! sometime you can find good domain with decent price!
  11. Joe Styler

    Joe Styler Aftermarket Product Manager GoDaddy Staff Afternic Staff PRO VIP

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    Some people have written code to do it on the web interface and some use the API. You can use the proxy bid. We won't bid it up to that amount, we bid the minimum amount needed to outbid the other party.

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