discuss Is selling a lot of domains for a relatively small profit better than one sale with big profit?



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I have a question: is selling a lot of domains for a small profit better than holding them waiting for a good sale with a better profit?

let's say, I have 10 domains, and they are worth $1k each but for the right end-user, is selling them at $500 better? you will sell them faster but with a small profit, but you will not have to wait over a year, and you'll have the money to get other domains and sell them too.
you buy a good domain for $400 and sell it for $500 in less than a year.

is a quality sale better than quantity sales?

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I am not in this for chump change. Work smarter not harder.

That being said, it is a strategy for some to flip low. Problem is two fold. Majority of names do not sell in first year no matter the price or the quality. Second is sell through rate is pretty darn low even with lower pricing.

Better strategy is to invest in names worth holding more than one year. The one year strategy is bound to fail in the long run. You will still not sell far more than you will sell.


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@karmaco I definitely agree. Lowering the price from 1000 to 500 will not make any difference in terms of sale, as it is still aiming for the right end user (who would pay both 1000 or 500, if found).
In order to sell it fast you'll have to aim for a reseller, and using your analogy in numbers - you'll have to drop the price to like 150-200, which already means you'll need to sell 5 names at least to balance out the unreceived 1000. But that means all your five names should be good, which implies much more time (and money) spent on registering them... So, this strategy is a lot of time wasted for a little money (if any!) at the end.
Good names will always be sold eventually but the problems here is many Newbies get hook into the wrong directions and either wasting money or going nowhere.
You can see by looking how many crap Meta, Metaverse, NFT, Crypto, Bitcoin names... and LLLL.com.
People put a stupid Prefix or Suffix to the name and hoping that they can sell where the suffix/prefix has nothing to do with the name.

What the hell is MetaWife, MetaJuice, PlasticMeta.....???
Not counting that there may be some lawsuit/trademark problems.