Is outbound dead?

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    You most likely won't get many responses or will get a bunch of "no thank you", "not interested" etc.
    I followup with everyone and keep the pipeline full.

    What I mean by that is a lot has to do with "TIMING"....people may be interested BUT it's bad timing(biz expenses, traveling, family etc) so they might not reply at all.
    Just because someone DOESN'T respond it does't mean they are not interested, and just because they say they are NOT interested it doesn't mean that they don't want to buy.
    So really what I am after is the REASON WHY...why aren't they buying from me? What's the reason? Do they have the money to buy from me? There is always 1 real reason and objection!
    Here are example questions I use everyday to qualify prospects:

    Hey, when was the last time you spent $20,000?
    Who other then yourself needs to be included in this deal/decision?
    Why aren't you buying from me?
    What can I do to make a deal happen?
    What's an appropriate next step?
    Is this not a good time? why not if you don't mind me asking?
    Is it okay if I touch base with you in a couple months down the road and we can revisit this deal?
    Sure it's a lot OF MONEY, is that your only concern that's keeping you from moving forward with this deal??
    Sir when someone tells me they have to think about it it's usually one or two things: they are not interested, or they are interested but not sure? WHICH ONE IS IT IN OUR CASE??
    Are you a broker representing a client or is this name for your personal business?

    At the end of the day, I want to KNOW as much as possible so I can help guide the prospect thru the buying process.
    I can continue...but you would have to pay me!:xf.wink:
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  2. hawkeye

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    ?? Were you expecting them to just ‘instantly’ reply the same day?
  3. johname

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    They could also be landing in the spam folder
  4. MSN-Domains

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    I love outbound. Easily my most profitable part of what I do. Over the weekend I do outbound purely for my own entertainment

    I've had multiple responses in under 1minute to never at all. Bare in mind CTO/MD's/Execs are traveling, events or likely stressed. The rest of the time they are trying to hire the best talent they can find

    Rule #1 bring something better than they already have
    Rule #2 nobody cares about your opinion or facts just get to the point

    Psychology= Men want what they can't have, chase what moves away from them & only value what they pay for. Quote by my good friend O.Klaff

    90% of people fall into the category of what kate mentioned. Don't bother with outreach because your email is only fit for the bin.

    I cringe when I see this. What's the price? "the price is ............................ this is where all the horrendous blurb starts. Stop .................. I asked for the price, not your life story.
  5. Jonathan MacDermid

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    Most people here seem to talking about emails. My day job is as an contracted marketing consultant and for over 18 years my weapon of choice is the telephone.
    I currently have a good list of domain names that will be great for telecom resellers. When I have time, I will pick up the phone to about 200 contacts I have within the sector, briefly explain what I want to offer them and its benefits. Only then will I ask permission to send them an email while I am still on the phone to them so I can check they received it without it hitting spam.
    As they now know me and what the email is related to, the likelyhood of a response even if just to state they are not interested will increase dramatically.
    It takes a bit more time but the reason I get paid well for my services is that there is currently no automated method superior to vocal human interaction. Email is useful but the reason all the big companies use telesales teams is that they bring in more revenue than other methods, even when taking into consideration the higher cost base.
  6. MSN-Domains

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    True Story

    The other week i saw somebody post what i classify as "Garbage Can domain" you wouldn't be able to gift it away for free. I was intrigued to find out what the sellers want their GCDs

    Using my work email address, Domain was make offer. I bid $70k(I wouldn't pay $7) and the seller requoted $85k

    The poor soul will never be able to gift it away, yet the expectations are well...... as far from reality as you can get. This is the mindset of the majority of GCD sellers
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  7. frank-germany

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    until now
    you had my respect
  8. MSN-Domains

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    With respect

    I'll sleep ok.
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  9. deez007

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    Outbound done PROPERLY is not dead.
  10. Mohammed Azheruddin

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    outbound email's are not simple task. You have to research and research

    - Firstly you have to think like a buyer . if some one sells me why i buy it.
    - Is your domain worth that the end user had no option but to buy.
    - Finding leads from Estibot is not enough
    - Keep the email Simple
    - before send the email , study about the company first .
    - Do not send BCC at once . buyers hate BCC
    - send 10 mails but to correct buyers
    - lastly new to domain industry watch DomainSherpa or take admission in DNacademy
  11. Haris

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    outbound is love

    outbound is life

    if outbound was a girl

    she would be my wife
  12. Chris Wright

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    It looks like you need to send custom emails to at least 400-500 prospects.
    The payoff could average around $350 minus reg fees ($70-100 for me).
    With these numbers, I would need to sell 1 name every 2 days, just to survive. One sale per day would keep me above basic survival.
    I would need to send 2 emails per minute to make a good living with outbound. :xf.eek::xf.frown:
  13. golan

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    ^^ Gold
  14. MrAcidic

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    good thread - lots of positives to take from this.

    Would you say part of good outbound marketing would be your own personal branding - company name, logo, social media interaction - LinkedIn as an example?

    I do prefer the phone approach as I have been doing it most of my life - with the email side as pointed out owners, directors or any decision maker want a short, clear, concise message that shows features + benefits and the end result

    Thanks for sharing
  15. nothere

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    1. email overload for all
    2. maybe not the best target?
    3. probably at the moment don't see the need to buy. It's your name and you have thought it and convinced yourself but others think differently.
  16. ro5hit

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    No I don't think so, It is just about sending to more buyers. The thing is buyers need education to actually get them interested.
  17. Candace

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    I write as the resident outbound specialist at Starfire Holdings.

    And that doesn't make me know everything about outbound. By no means; I do not. But I do have a high open rate and high response rate from all companies big and small; from Google and Microsoft to the lil mom and pop companies.

    I'll tell you just three of the basic keys to outbound:

    - Have a premium domain name, or at least one that the company you're contacting would definitely have an interest in (even if they are using the .net or .org, and you have the .com). If your domain is of no benefit to them; they won't ever respond. And btw, whenever they do, if your domain is not premium please don't quote a premium matter the company. Just because someone at Google responded, doesn't mean that your domain is suddenly worth $1M, when it's really a $10 domain name. They are not stupid.

    - Contact the right person. Truth is if you contact the customer service rep, or even the whois email address; a lot of times the people you are contacting have absolutely no power when it comes to making a decision about the domain name. So that does you no good at all; sometimes they forward the email to the right decision maker, most times they do not. Also, be aware that the CEO is not always the best person to contact either. Many times he either has an assistant sift through his emails, he might be too busy to check all emails, or he does not know anything about the domains the company owns or about buying/selling them. You've gotta figure out the right person. And that comes by trial and error and by reasoning.

    - Follow up, but not to many times. After about 2 rounds of follow ups, it's okay to move on to another person within a company, or just move on to another company all together.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Happy Outbounding (great domains only)!

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  18. MSN-Domains

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  19. frank-germany

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    outbound is not dead

    I just sold 2 domain via outbound

    its slow yes
    and maybe tired

    looks dead

    but is just asleep

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