is it a good strategy to contact shop owners for interest in .shop

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  1. postscripter

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    lets say i own
    found a shop with the same name, and they own
    Is it a good idea to offer my .shop domain name (say for $50, but price is not the subject here)..?
    Or should I totally avoid this? fear of trademark abuse? (I am using generic words that happened to have existing shops)..
    Would love to know your opinion on this matter.
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    I would say that there is only a legal issue if they have actually registered a Trade Mark. If none are registered, then there is no way that there would be any comeback from the owners. Obviously, if they are a large corporation they might go down the legal route with a UDRP which may or may not incur legal charges for you. You may need to check with your own TM Lawyer for full clarification.

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  3. Tony J

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    This is something I have been wondering about myself. I have seen some mom and pop shops in my area that their business name would go with my domain.

    Thinking about going in and talking with the owner about the website or if they need a website and bring up the domain name. There are many stores without a website in my area or they link to yelp or facebook.

    TM is something I see I need to learn about as a new domain investor.

    TM is a very serious thing I was reading about a man who pulled a prank on his friends and family. He registered a domain close to the name of the new station in the area and they found out and sued him. It was a pretty funny story until the news station sent him a letter.

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