Is Godaddy Just Lazy and Lying about their Re-seller program?

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    Godaddy has a domain name reseller program, that most people knows about. I tried it years ago, but cancelled it after realizing it wasn't completely white label. Basically, at the time when you clicked on certain products or go the the checkout...the url would change to,

    This frustrated me, but Godaddy said there's nothing they could do at the time. They were also working on some beta wordpress solution.

    Now, how have so many companies like shopify and others allow you to use your own domain from start to finish and Godaddy, the so-called number one domain registrar cannot do this? Is it impossible to do or is Godaddy just lazy? I don't even know how Aeisha Curry uses their website solution, because it appears Godaddy isn't good at anything but selling domain names.

    What are your thoughts?
    And is their a solution inn 2019?
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