Is domaining make getting you depressed or worried(anxious)?

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    Off and on I go on Expired domain auctions at godaddy and Dropcatch and Namejet just out of curiousity.

    Is it just me or does looking at these lists get you depressed? or even worried?
    Especially when you see Private Sellers on Dropcatch or Namejet or Godaddy (Expired and Closeouts) with "semi- decent" domains that you personally would have registered them had you thought of them?

    Does it get you depressed seeing domains similar to yours in these "sections"?

    Does the thought ever come in your mind "wow! this domain is just like mine. Same niche yet here it is $15 bid start. NO BIDS with 2 days to go. Why?"

    I know most people would simply ignore this fact and think "wow! what a great domain! for only $15? That's a steal! I'll bid!"

    I'm starting to realize how crazy this biz really is.

    For someone to bid on a domain when it's been on everyone's radar and no one bids?

    I guess one man's garbage is another man's treasure.

    but still though. The fact that a domain similar to mine is here sitting in the relative "domainer's graveyard" with no bids.

    That has to stick to your brain a bit and then you think. "maybe my domain sucks too?"

    "If I put my domain for auction here, it won't get bids?"

    sometimes the domain at expired or dropcatch or closeout auction actually looks and sounds better than your domain! that just makes things worse! doesn't it?

    This is probably why I have never auctioned yet a domain and I am dreading the idea of proceeding with my plans to do so now.

    So much negativity goes thru your brain especially when you frequent these "Graveyards".

    Nothing is more lonely than a domainer (Private Seller) at Dropcatch auctions listing a domain that's like on page 3 because it has zero bids. It makes you not want to even bother listing domains at auction really.

    So what about your domaining gets your depressed or worried or anxious?
    The above is just an example. But you can share yours too.
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    I would not say depressed. That is more of a medical condition.

    However, I think it is perfectly natural to be worried or anxious when it comes to business, or really anything.

    It is not really a bad trait honestly. It makes you evaluate if you are on the right track.

    It can be the first step to making the necessary changes either in business or life that leads to improvement.

    It only becomes a major negative when you dwell on something negative so much where it starts to control you.

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    Popular saying, but the truth is sometimes one man's trash is another man's trash also.

    I would use the anxiety as an opportunity to learn more and improve the quality of your portfolio.

    Most successful people tend to consider all different possibilities, including the negative ones.
    It helps in preparation.

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    6 words mate:
    corona virus.

    no but really.. now is a depressing time world wide.

    other than this... I check expired domains regularly.. good stuff is hard to come by... so people are kinda renewing and keeping stuff.. domainers I mean... even .io lists are looking less hot lately...and i likes me a good .io.

    .co got greedy last year and made premium names... so it basically went most to hell with that extension since then... so thats depressing for sure. :)

    i dunno.. what prices went up.. to reg/renew and sometimes a good info can sell.

    .biz prices went up to I thinkk.. but thats a good thing.. cause .biz is bad for business.

    .com prices going up soon I hear.. thats basically despressing.

    well what can I say.. I tell everyone to list on gd autions directly (among other markets) cause for me thqats where most sales/offers come from.. not go thru afternic but list direct... but that's just what works for me.. the good news is... im just an average domainer... so maybe if works for me then works for many others too ....... who knows. gotta try :)

    other than this... I dont know... if revenues hit the fan.... i like domaining so much that I may consider moving to a country where avg salary at supermarket is like $200 per month.... so if I only make $1000 profit per month from domains, which to many here is a very very very attainable and attained figure, i will still be able to roof my head and buy a tshirt and underwear and drink milk and eat bread..... i dunno... think ukraine... pakistan... india here... but there are other cheap places around world... cause u can forget living in usa/canada/denmark/etc for $1000 per mont revenue... though digital nomad in a van or trailer for $1000 month, is doable in usa/canada etc... and millions are doing vanlife world wide today! :) (plug for my name..jk)

    maybe other domainers in similar situation could do same and move to one of the cheap countries just to keep on domaining for living.. so we could open a hostel for depressed poor domainers who'd do anythning to keep on domaining. and just live there on permanent basis. i mean imagine waking up everyday and half of namepros is basically living in same building and domaining morning til nite...then u do not have to come online to argue with others.. cause u can do it face to face... not a bad vision huh? still depressed? ;)
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  5. Josytal

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    I feel annoyed when I see domains similar to mine getting sold or getting bids for $XXXX.
    I then wonder, what am I doing wrong, what makes these domain better than mine?
    I strongly believe their is insider game. Maximum exposure being given only to domains owned by "insiders".
    And it's a fact, an open secret, be it Sedo, Epik, GoDaddy etc. No difference. Marketplace owners decide and control the market. They jealously guard their interests. Featured, premium and whatever - all theirs, always at the forefront, reserved.

    Now I 've got no reason to complain. I've my own marketplace, what is left is promote and drive traffic. Type-ins are great, but not enough to meet my sales plan.
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  6. tracey sclater

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    Grain of salt I take Domain name buying with . This is not my main earn so I was happy when BB accepted my first name last year now I have 26 of them over there So it will be my day one day . Cheers.
  7. Martin Andrews

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    I agree it can be very isolating, especially when you get no offers :banghead:
  8. harryklinten

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    This is because many people with anxiety also develop depression and vice versa. ... Many people with depression may experience what is known as “anxious distress” in addition to their low mood. 2. People with anxious distress often feel tense, restless, and have trouble concentrating because they worry so much.
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    Meditate daily and go for long walks or runs. You can't go wrong with it. Meditation will give you more clarity and help regulate your emotions. Exercise will stimulate the production of endorphins and reduce cortisol levels. Your mood is YOURS. You can't allow domaining to control it...or anything else for that matter.
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    It makes me sad when I lose the auction by one bid. ;)
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    Good morning,

    The domain name buying/selling industry is big business. It is business, but it is also another form of gambling by any other name.

    Question about gambling and casinos. Who do casinos make money from? The minnows or the whales? The answer is probably both.

    There are people here who worry about GD and how much they charge and how much profit they make and how they changed their logo.

    None of that matters. Spend one hour less per day doing stuff that wastes your time and doesn't make you money and spend the same amount of time doing something worthwhile that will make you money.

    Accept the things you can change and forget about the things you can't. The wisdom of the top domain name investors is knowing the difference between the two.

    Maybe, because I have s slight addictive personality and a couldn't give a F*** attitude I take risks that others wouldn't. Is this wrong. Probably. Does it worry me? No. I learn from it, I grow and I move on.

    The keeps turning and as it revolves we have to evolve.

    I couldn't care less if none of you like my domain names. I get my kicks from knowing that out of 7.7billion people on this planet I am the only one that has that domain name. Do I care if I lose all of my money buying domain names? No, I would have lost it on something that had no tangible worth. A pair of trainers/sneakers/runners is another 10 domain names to me. I can only wear one pair of shoes at a time afterall.

    Will I ever become rich being a domain name investor. Probably not. Do I worry about that fact? No. Can't miss what I never had.

    Will I still be doing it in 10 years time. 50-50.

    Life is not just about the destination it is about the journey. Enjoy your ride. did buy a ticket?


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    The real anxiety comes in the form of renewals.

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