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2023 is shaping up to be a big year for internet governance. In this blog post we highlight auDA’s planned work in the internet governance sphere for the year.

Australian organisations and internet governance participants, including auDA, are busy across a range of internet governance forums. We work collaboratively through multi-stakeholder processes to promote the open, free, secure and global internet.

The multi-stakeholder approach to the internet is at the foundation of the internet’s dynamism and strength, and it only works when stakeholders take part in it. However, this approach to governing the internet is under pressure, not least from countries that want to see more government control and less of the kind of internet we value so strongly here at auDA.

That is why auDA works in the internet governance environment. Internet governance done right helps protect the sort of internet we value, and supports its ongoing evolution and development. This understanding explains why auDA’s Strategy and the Terms of Endorsement from the federal government support us taking part in the internet governance system. auDA has a long history of effective participation in this work, and more recently we’ve been building our resources, involvement and influence to achieve even more.

Here are some of our key areas of focus and involvement for 2023 ....

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