Influx of cryptocurrencies pushes domain name prices to spike

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    At the end of 1985, there were six domain names registered in the world – by the end of the first quarter of 2021, there were 363.5 million registrations across all top-level domains.

    Up until 1995 domain names were free, it then went on to cost $100 for a two-year registration.

    Now, a domain name can cost millions. Premium domain names are more expensive because of what they bring to a website – if a brand’s website has a relevant domain name, users are more likely to find them when searching for something specific. has conducted research to uncover the 10 most expensive domain names from the past five years to see if the price has increased, and if so, what industries have caused the surge.

    According to the findings shared with, in 2016 the most expensive domain name,, sold for £2.66 million ($3.75 million). In the last five years, the cost of the most expensive domain name has increased by 697%.

    The last half a decade has seen an uptick in cryptocurrency companies’ involvement in domain names, which is potentially why the prices have increased so rapidly. The most expensive domain name of the past five years,, is also the most expensive of all time. It sold for £21.2 million ($30 million) to – the company behind EOS.IO, a blockchain powered by the cryptocurrency EOS.

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    What were they? Cheers.
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    —- 1 .net —- #1 (01/01/1985)
    —— 6 .com —-
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    20,997 is a great internet museum.
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