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It’s not long to NamesCon Online and despite attending from 12am until 7am my local time I can’t wait for it. I’m getting all geared up for my various presentations and pulling from our masses of data at ParkLogic so attendees can get a great amount of value from the sessions.

Make sure that you check out the following sessions that I am conducting and remember that the MasterClass sessions have a limit of 50 people so get in early…..in the meantime, enjoy this week’s statistics.

Wed, Jan 27
17:35 Investing in Domains as a Business, Not a Hobby
18:00 MasterClass - Professional Traffic Monetization
Thu, Jan 28
16:20 State of Domain Traffic Monetization
16:45 MasterClass - Increasing revenue and managing risk through traffic quality
Fri, Jan 29
16:15 MasterClass - Running a Structured Traffic Test
17:15 The Future of Domain Monetization
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How can I signup for master class if I’m attending names con?
Click on the "Workshop rooms" link in the interface and you will see a list of the MasterClasses and the time for them. As soon as the room goes live you will be able to click on the "join" link. I hope this helps you out.
This is how to sign-up to the three different workshops that I'm conducting at NamesCon Online 2021. I'm really excited about presenting each of them as they will be packed full of great information, case studies and a time of Q&A.
Day 1 - 18:00 - Professional Traffic Monetization
Day 2 - 16:45 - Increasing Revenue Through Traffic Quality
Day 3 - 16:15 - Running a Structured Traffic test
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