If you have seen a major drop in parking revenue read this

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    Two of the most popular platforms that webmasters use to park their domains and generate a few extra bucks need to update their parking pages or many will continue to loss their income off these sites.

    I am not interested in calling these companies out as this issue is not something that they caused, however, I did contact them personally and if you notice that your provider has this issue as well, contact them too.

    Hundreds of millions of people are using an adblocker. The most popular one (adblock) blocks all ads that show up on your parking page, in other words, hundreds of millions of people see a blank page when they reach your parking page. The max they see is a link to contact you or the broker about buying the domain.

    Install it and see for yourself.

    All these companies need to do is modify their code a bit and the ads will show, parking page ads are the least intrusive ads online and they are simply getting caught up in a basic algo that decides to block em.
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